NOOK Tablet Hitting Some Shelves Early


While the NOOK Tablet – Barnes & Noble’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle Fire – isn’t set to come out until Friday online (earlier rumors said it’d be here today), some Barnes & Noble shops have put them on store shelves early. Mistake? Maybe. Or perhaps the 16th is the in-store date and the 18th is the shipping date for online orderers. Either way, you owe it to yourself to run up to your local store to see if they have any if this is something you’ve been waiting on. Just be prepared to put aside $250 + tax. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I would have got this over the fire if it wasn’t so ugly.  I can’t get over the gray 1″ border and key ring.  Really?  A key ring?

    1. After one year of using Nook Color, I assure you – this thing must be on every tablet. It’s such a convenient way to handle the device and pull it out of the case/bag/pocket that I even started carrying my phone in the pocket upside down. Most of the tablets are too plain to get a good grasp at them swiftly.

  2. Not a key ring, and highly recommend not using it as one.  That “ring” guards the location for inserting the SD card.

    1. Yea…the expandable memory which the Fire is sorely lacking.  I find the ring adds a great place to hold on to my tablet so it’s not as slippery.

  3. I have a trip coming up Friday, and was planning on picking up the nook tablet this week for entertainment while away. With BN limiting user content to 1GB of the internal storage, it’s pretty much useless for me until a ROM is developed for it, which is highly unlikely to happen prior to my trip. Looks like B&N lost a sale…

  4. This tablet would be worthwhile if B&N actually had some kind of subscription services. They have nothing. In the end B&N will end up being another Borders. Amazon is the future.

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