Price Check By Amazon Lets You Compare In-Store Prices With Amazon’s


Amazon has announced and released a new application called Price Check that allows users to scan products inside a physical store and compare it to Amazon’s price. It’s a win/win situation for both sides – customers get the lower price of Amazon and whatever retail store they’re in and Amazon entices customers to shop with them instead if they happen to have the lowest price.

Products are scanned a few different ways. You can do the old barcode scanner, you could take a photo (only works with games, DVDs, Blu Ray movies, CDs or books) or you could simply say the name of the product.

You could even just type in the name of the product name, brand or model number. It’s a very flexible tool that makes it easy to search for the product you want to do a price comparison on. Find the free download in the Android market.

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  1. How is this any different than what the Amazon Mobile app already does? Just hit the search box and it asks if you want to scan a barcode or take a picture. What’s the added benefits of this app? 

    1. Exactly.

    2. I have the same question. Maybe it’s more of a branding thing for them. Like a simpler app branded to do just a single task people will be looking for around this time.

  2. This is absolutely horrible for brick and mortar, mom and pop shops.

    Absolutely horrible.

    1. wait, you mean people actually shop online/shop around? such as doing things where the informed consumers save more, creating competition in the market?


  3. Very rarely do I ever go to a retail store and purchase anything, but if I do it’s for the convenience of “I need it now” type purchases. Amazon will usually be a little, if not a lot cheaper 90% of time…seems useless to me, but for the weirdos that aren’t hip to Amazon yet I guess this would be useful.

  4. And of course the Google Shopping app does all this, but also searches other physical retail stores based on your location AND other online shops.  Which doesn’t benefit Amazon so much.

  5. ….and of course this is for and restricted to North America.

  6. What’s the difference If I can compare prices manually? Is this just a branding promo of Amazon?

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