UK Galaxy Nexus Launch Clarifications – Carriers Likely to Offer it This Week, SIM-Free Retailer Next Week


There’s a lot of confusion over in the UK regarding the launch of perhaps the most exciting Nexus device yet. The Galaxy Nexus is supposed to ship beginning November 17th, but some online retailers are saying they won’t be able to ship until about a week later. This includes Clove, a retailer we cover a lot, who won’t be able to ship SIM-Free units until November 23rd as that’s when the first batch of SIM-Free units will be available. If you’re getting your device through a carrier, it should ship no later than the 18th though anything can change at any given moment. In other words, some of you may still have to wait about another week but we doubt you’ll have to go much longer than that. US consumers on the other hand… [Clove, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Me want my Nexus!

  2. Another botched USA release…shocker.

    1. How is it botched? If they give a release day and miss it — that’s botched.

      Everybody is all hot and bothered _because_ they haven’t given a release day.

  3. I’m starting to think that Google/Samsung is trying to mess up the US launch… I don’t think it’s possible to mess it up this badly just on accident.

    Nonetheless… I shall sit here and wait to see what happens tomorrow at the Google event

  4. I was alone, I was all by myself,No one was looking, I was thinking of you,
    Oh yeah, did I mention I was all by myself

    -thanks Greenday for putting it so perfectly!


    1. thats disgusting mate.

      1. Oh, don’t think I haven’t considered the same… Not going to mainly because I don’t want to be stuck with a RAZR if I’d happen to scratch the sucker or something…  

        Think Verizon would get the hint about release dates if they got about about a million RAZRs returned at the same time?

  6. I have wanted this mobile for along time but now after reading about Nvidia Tegra 3 I now think this phone is old…I must fine a hard surface to knock some sense into me.

  7. I literally read that as “US Galaxy Nexus Launch Clarifications.” Even my subconscious is in disbelief about the shenanigans surrounding this phone.

    1. Lol you’re not alone, I read it the same way when I first saw it

    2. I totally disregarded the UK part and just read “Nexus Launch Clarifications”. Oh well. ;-)

    3. I thought I was the only one delusional of the title. 

    4. LOL …….it’s still not even close to the Tom-Foolery that surrounded the release of the Bionic haha

  8. Here’s how it went down, for me, with the Nexus One…Announcement, I’m all kinds of excited, I immediately order from their website, 24hrs later I’ve got a sexy Nexus One (In USA).

    Here’s how it went down, for the Galaxy Nexus…Announcement. Balls!, It’s called Galaxy Nexus and not Nexus Prime!? Balls!, no expansion slot and only the 1.2GHz Exynos (not the recently announced 1.5GHz Exynos??!!) Balls!, no idea when it’ll be out in the US and even then only for Verizon (while the previous 2 generations were TMo??!!)

    Android 4.0 AOSP just dropped, which means CM9 is on-the-way for my precious Nexus One. So I’ll be just fine to wait-out the HTC Edge (or whatever other Tegra-3 beast will be out)…Which it seems the GNex won’t actually drop until the newer beast are imminent anyway!

    1. Galaxy Nexus is not Exynos. It’s got a TI OMAP 4460 that is comfortable up to 1.5ghz. They’ve detuned it to 1.2ghz.

    2. BALLS to you!

  9. I want my Nexus already! this is worst device release ever, I’m refreshing the site every hour now

  10. I ordered mine online yesterday from network Three, to be delivered at home on the 18th, got a phone call today saying I won’t have it until the 22nd because of stock problems! Although I have been told stores will have it on the 18th as planned but as Thee online and Three stores are separate I can’t just go pick mine up!

    I’m only ordering online as I get cash back, otherwise I’d go to the store and get it! 

  11. That’s a great looking back cover… if it fits the US version I’ll be grabbing that and getting rid of the VZW logo back cover.

  12. I want to get my hands on one of these! 

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