Peruvian Droid Pro Stumbles Out Of Press Box As Motorola Spice Key


The Motorola Droid Pro seems like a device launched ages ago but our friends in Peru are just now getting what looks like the exact same device. Considering all the hoopla surrounding the Galaxy Nexus and other phones that people so desperately demand, I thought we might shed some light on how lucky we can be.

Do we have any Peruvian readers who want to comment on the 2.8-inch QVGA screen device with a 600Mhz processor and 3MP camera? Any American readers who will feel humbled for eleven or twelve minutes until they complain about the agony of waiting for release dates?

[Via Motorola PR]

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  1. You realize this isn’t the motorola droid pro right?

    This is the pro plus or at least a variant of the pro plus from sprint.

    1. Sprint doesn’t have the Pro Plus. The Pro Plus hasn’t even come to the U.S. yet. Sprint has the XPRT, which is virtually identical to the Droid Pro, without the Droid branding.

      1.  My bad! I guess that was just a rumor

        Regardless the phone above is not a “pro” variant. It’s a pro plus variant.

        1. Other than the housing, it doesn’t have anything in common with the Plus, either. The Pro and the Pro Plus have much more in common than this phone does with either of them.

          This is pretty much a Motorola version of the Samsung Replenish.

          1. Look at the curved keyboard and the housing. it looks just like the +

          2. Yes, that is why I said “other than the housing.” The internal hardware has nothing in common with the Pro or the Pro Plus.

  2. Thanks. Honestly, I’ll now wait patiently until the release. I’ve been complaining since they showed off the device lol

  3. I don’t know what this is, but if your specs are right, it’s not the Droid Pro or the Pro Plus. Both the Droid Pro and the Pro Plus have a 1GHz processor, a 3.1″ screen, and a 5MP camera.

    This is likely a cheap variant of those phones, but it certainly is not the equivalent of those phones.

  4. Wow, its like the flippin’ stone age over there. Fred flinstonee just preordered over there.

  5. that is not the droid pro. that is precisely the spice key, xt360 or something like that, the droid pro cpu is 1ghz OMAP3.

  6. Im peruvian and common reader here, that shows just how very very bad are our cellphone providers, luckily I preordered the galaxy nexus from UK :D…

  7. Its not the same phone, but not much better… Mid range in Latam region.

  8. Samsung is the only one bringing good phones to Perú, everyone else just brings crap…you can see it here http://smartphones.movistar.com.pe/catalogo.html

  9. It’s the pro +

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