HTC Rezound Now Available At Verizon


Last week the Motorola Droid RAZR launched. This week? The HTC Rezound. You now grab it at Verizon for $249 on a 2-year contract (after $50 rebate) . If you have or wane the Rezound, make sure you head over to our Rezound Forums- that’s where you’ll find all the action!

Stay tuned for our full review of the HTC Rezound which we expect to be published later today!

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  1. I wane the resound hehe typo

  2. Standing in line for it now!

  3. I’d rather get it from Amazon but I don’t see it on there yet :-/

    1. Yeah I looked too. Not on Amazon.

      1. Went back to Amazon and it’s there for $199.99 but it’s already backordered!
        I put in my order but it’s gonna be a while before I get it :-/

  4. Verizon’s website lists that it only has 8 gb for the phone and 768 mb of RAM????

    1. Definitely a typo then ;-).

      1. They been doin that for a while haven’t they?  Like how the Nexus was exclusively with them.

        1. Well the Nexus is exclusive to them.. for a limited time.

  5. Damn, its 300 for me:(

      1. Can only use that if my update was already available. I’m using the last 1 year upgrade. Paid 317 after tax

  6. Wirefly has it for $249.99

  7. Picked mine up today for 249 at Sams Club.  A big upgrade from my Thunderbolt. Screen is beautiful.  It is well built and not a huge brick like some have have been saying. The camera takes great pictures and is significantly faster than the TBolt.  Loving Sense 3.5

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