LG Rumored To Announce Google TV Device at CES


You win some and you lose some. It appears Google lost the support of Logitech who blamed Google for their Revue flop and $100 Million loss, but they may have gained the support of LG, the world’s second largest television maker. Rumor has it that LG will announce their first GTV at CES in January 2012, just a couple short months away.

Google TV launched last holiday season and has been extremely slow to catch on. I’m still convinced that it will inevitably catch on like wildfire. The missing link has been Android Market and despite GTV being updated to include the market a few weeks ago, it’s still not open for all developers to submit their apps and games. Once that happens? Watch out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Google TV is one of the next big frontiers of Android growth and once it catches on, I’d expect competitors to follow suit. You never know, Apple could be preparing their own iTV right now (Apple TV doesn’t count).

[Bloomberg via GTVsource]

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  1. I agree. Though I think the the biggest threat to Google TV is Android 4.0. If Google TV can update to 4.0 quickly though, it will be a killer tv, search, gaming, and general entertainment console. 

    1. Have you seen the new dashboard coming for the xbox360? besides a browser and a proper app marketplace it’s got a lot of what we’d like to see in a ‘smart tv’.

      Boxed games, digital games, indie games, voice chat, video chat [no idea about conference video chat], youtube, netflix/lovefilm services, social services inc. facebook, twitter…

      highly curated of course.

      It just seems like the next logical step for google to go deep into the TV with a good partner.  Hopefully LG can produce a high-spec device with ICS on it and enough grunt for people to consider developing high-end titles on it.

      Cod? Unreal engine?  But the key thing is that it needs to be cheap.

      If we can get a tegra3 based console/box with line-in/out for your cable/satellite and full ICS, Onlive & big game support then it could be enough to trouble ps3/xbox.

      And the Revue could be to Google what the Dreamcast was to MS.

  2. i believe the new update was designed with ICS in mind. Im sure it will be extremely cross compatible with ICS devices. Just because they dont have the same version number doesnt mean that its going to compete with it. AFAIK Google doesnt make it s products to compete with itself. I would think they would make them so no matter what device your on you can do alot of if not all of the same stuff so your never away from the cloud and all your stuff. Integration is key.

  3. most modern LG TV have a “Smart TV/NetCast software” built into them. i really dont like the interface because it’s as sluggish as Apple TV and the content is limited. anything with Google TV honeycomb (or above) interface is a welcome. AND PLEASE add support for “any” wireless keyboard/mouse. tv remote just sucks

    1. Totally on board with this idea.  Having a standardised “Smart TV” interface that could use gamepads and keyboards and downloads apps on all TVs makes sense.

  4. yeah,apple tv is a joke. im sirious

  5. Wish Samsung would release a Google Smart TV, and this is unusual, new posts on a Sunday

  6. google tv will take off once it’s built into every new TV. It would be there so you don’t have to think about it as a feature.

    1. meh.  Way things are for me right now is that i’d like both googletv and an xbox in my telly. 

  7.  then Logitech should market their product and stop complaining bout Google TV

  8. I’ll take one with Honeycomb plz

    1. Or ICE CREAM Sandwich

  9. OMG! Phandroid on the weekend! I’m all moist now :D

    1. you just made a bunch geeks fall in love with you ;)
      i might be one of ’em

  10. “…once it catches on”

    Knowing Google’s ability to develop products that never catch on, it will be another beta failure. 

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