HTC Quad-Core Tablet & Phone Coming In February?


This February in Barcelona, just like every year, will be the Mobile World Congress- one of the biggest industry events of the year. Last year at MWC, HTC unveiled a slew of Android devices including the HTC Flyer Tablet, seemingly a disappointment. This year it looks like HTC plans to vindicate last year’s lineup and then some by potentially announcing a quad-core Android tablet, Quad-core Android Phone, and one more Android device.

NVIDIA is the only chipset maker to produce a quad-core processor for mobile devices, so we’re obviously looking at Tegra 3, which is definitely something to be excited about. We’ve heard the names HTC Edge and HTC Ville thrown around in the recent past, so this latest speculation seems on point. The rumor also states the devices will launch prior to Windows 8 which means before 4th quarter. Do we really have to wait a full year?

We’ve got CES in January, MWC in February, and the Phandroid team will be at both. Stay tuned for details as they emerge!

[DigiTimes via TheVerge]

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  1. i like htc and i was hoping they would bring out a next gen tablet soon. the flyer wasnt so much a failure as it was a bit underwhelming, if it had come with a dual core and honeycomb right off the bat coupled with a lower price it woulda been a wam bam thank you ma’am take my money please.

    1. Yeah. The lack of honeycomb is really what killed it for me. I’m eager to see what they come up with here.

  2. Lets talk about the design. THey make the HTC Logo on the “Top center” but the orientation is supposed to be landscape??? Y???????

    1. It’s “top center” in portrait mode.  The Flyer (Pictured above, still running Gingerbread), Acer Iconia A100, original Galaxy Tab and even the new Tab 7.0 Plus are all pictured on the retail packaging being used in portrait.  The A100 has a single hardware button reminiscent of every Apple running iOS, which is bottom center when the device is in portrait.  This seems to be pretty consistant with most 7″ tablets.  That’s why the HTC logo is positioned there in the above photo.

      The Flyer is the only one to feature capacitive buttons for home, menu, back, and search (as well as their Scribe button) that are located both on the portrait bottom, and the landscape bottom (portrait left).  Rotate the device (top to the left) and the capacitive buttons fade and appear at the bottom.  

      The HTC Jetstream (the 10.1″ Honeycomb tablet) has the HTC logo in the upper left corner, when the device is in landscape.

  3. If they over-price it like they did the Jetstream/Puccini then nobody will buy it. HTC Tablets need to be competitively priced.

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