Galaxy Nexus On Pre-Order at 3 UK: November 18th Delivery


We just informed you about Virgin Mobile, Bell, and O2 UK launch dates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and already another carrier has chimed in, not wanting to miss the action. This time it is Three (3) in the UK, offering the Android 4.0 Galaxy Nexus on pre-order for FREE with an appropriate contract (starting at £34 and £40 for unlimited mobile data ). You can even get the Galaxy Nexus as a Pay-As-You-Go option for just £499- not bad for what you’re getting.

The device would be delivered as early as November 18th. I’m guessing the sooner you order, the sooner you get it- so hurry up!

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  1. Where is the link to the pre order page?

  2. I wish I could use that here. Lucky guys ;-p

  3. Damn google and their tailored ad service….I have read so much about the GNex that every ad I get on any web page I’m on is for the GNex.
    It’s just teasing me!  Hopefully it will all be over soon :)

    1. Same here! It’s getting annoying 

  4. I stopped by the Verizon store on Saturday while my SO snatched up the Droid RAZR (pretty sweet phone, might I add). 

    I inquired about the Galaxy Nexus, and all three workers told me there’s some debate as to whether or not Verizon will even be carrying it.

    I was like…. lolwut…

    1. Most of those Vzw workers don’t know sh*t! I went in so my wife could get a new phone 2 weeks ago and they didn’t even know the rzr had gone on presale. I was talkin to them about the Gnex and they didn’t have a clue. I wouldn’t trust those guys. There’s way to much eveidence of verizon getting the phone for them not to now. Stores are already getting cases, it’s coming soon.

      1. Yeah… I know exactly what you’re talking about.  I’ve had similar things happen in the past with vzw employess, as well.  I kinda felt bad – I knew more about the phones than the sales guy did. 

        Anyhoo, after playing with the Razr all day Saturday and yesterday, I came away both impressed AND even more excited for the Galaxy Nexus.  While it’s a great, sexy phone, I’ve waited too long for a stock Android phone on vzw to settle.

  5. If only that wasn’t $800 US Dollars I’d snag one.

    1. Unless you are importing, I doubt it’ll be much more than $600 in the US.

  6. $800 USD? I kind of assumed it would be cheaper than the Galaxy Note, which I only paid $710 USD for.

    1. £499 including 20% VAT.

  7. That’s outstanding!  Free and only 40 pounds a month?  Wish that was the cost in the US.

    1. This is pretty common pricing for the UK (except for the iphone). All top phones are free on £40 a month contracts. Can even get it free on £30 a month contracts at select retailers.

      The other good thing is, £40 a month for 2k minutes and truly unlimited internet. Afaik that would cost a fortune on US networks.

      A few of reasons why this is the case.

      Firstly we have intense competition with 5 large mobile operators, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and 3UK. Although T-Mobile and Orange are slowly integrating into a single entity since they merged. All offer a very high population coverage.

      Secondly, the UK is small and the maintenance costs of a 95%+ coverage system is far smaller.

      Thirdly, we have had 3G networks for ages (one of the first to have a 3G auction in the world) but 4G auction has been delayed many times. This means that investment costs are relatively low.

  8. Why can’t the phone be free with contract here in the US… The GN they’re getting is slightly thinner too.

  9. Isn’t amazing the UK has more info on the release than Google’s home country?

  10. Google/Samsung should’ve had the GNex ready to go, en masse, at time of announcement (Globally, if not at least readily available in the home region of good ol USA!).

    While yes, the GNex is certainly a well capable phone, I personally was a little disappointed they opted to put the 1.2GHz Exynos chip in there instead of opting for something newer (like the recently announced 1.5GHz Exynos).

    Compound that with the pushbacks and delays (don’t even have a firm release for USA!) and only being initially available for Verizon as well as the recent official release of the Tegra-3 and rumored HTC Edge phone with the Tegra-3 due Q1 2012 (which it is seeming more and more to be when the GNex will hit the US)???

    …Well, they’re perfect-storming me right over to the HTC Edge as my next phone!

  11. Is that Bell Canada?

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