Nov 14th, 2011

Everyone in the tech world develops products several years out. When the products they’ve been working on so hard are about to launch, they stay incredibly secretive in hopes to bolster excitement for their unveiling. It’s a the process with which we’re all familiar. But what if you extend “several years out” to forward thinking ideas that could change the world and increase “incredibly secretive” by a magnitude of 1,000?

Then you’d have Google X.

Google X is a secret Google lab working on ultra secret projects. Nobody knows where it is. Nobody knows what’s inside. Nobody knows what they’re working on. Except the people involved, of course, otherwise that would just be weird.

The point is that Google has already revolutionized the way we live, work, and play, and they’re hard at work trying to hit their next big home run. Perhaps the difference now is that they’ve got a lot more resources with which to work. Many of the ideas are thought to be in the “conceptual” stage and they’re supposedly tackling a list of 100 “shoot for the stars” ideas. I’m betting one of them we DO know: Driveless Cars.

So YOU tell US: what projects do you think Google is working on in Google X?

[Via NYTimes]