65-inch 1080p Touchscreen Display Powered By Honeycomb Tablet Prototype [Video]


A video of the world’s largest Android tablet it making its rounds across the web. Now, this isn’t the modded 22-inch Android “tablet” we showed you guys a few months back — no, sir. This here is a 65-inch LCD monitor, powered by a smaller 1o-inch Android Honeycomb tablet prototype (mirrored onto the big screen in 1080p using a dock). The ginormous touch display only 2 touch sensors making multitouch a no-go for now. However, word from the developers is a 4 sensor version is on the way that should all your multitouch dreams come true.

In the video the developers show off a little bit of the OS, a little bit of apps and then proceeds to fire up Fruit Slice (why not Fruit Ninja?) and later shows off some video playback. I have to say, the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor inside their 10.1-inch prototype seems to hold up pretty well even when outputting in full 1080p HD. While most of the time these demos like these are more for bragging rights or a proof-of-concept — the Turkish company showing off this feat is already in talks with education and enterprise customers to bring the entire setup to production as a “smart board” alternative. 65-inches wont be the only size available either, with the company planning to also launch a smaller, more pocketable device to power a variety of displays ala ASUS Padfone.

But enough jibber-jabberin.’ Check out the video below and let us know if you are impressed.

[Via Endgadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Pardon me while I go change my pants…

  2. Very nice.

  3. I…NEED…IT!!!!

  4. I hate reaching for those damn menu buttons now.. could you imagine how painful it would be on that!  I would throw out my shoulder…

  5. Absolutely love it. Just a few questions, will it fit in your pocket?? Does it come with a carry case for the airplane??  

    1. I’m mostly interested in battery life

  6. Wow, Angry Birds is going to look so sweet on that screen!

    1. Only if they up the textures, otherwise it’ll look and sound like poop like it does on the PS3 Hahaha

  7. Dear Santa …..

  8. I can only really see the benefit of something like that in the context of a presentation of some sort.
    Not an everyday product if you value your retinas.

    1. Until you lose the remote.

  9. Android community: always innovating, experimenting and moving forward.
    Apple community:…. Hey look what Siri can do!

  10. FAKE

  11. The thing I find so funny about the Android crowd (essentially the PC crowd) is that these very people who criticized the Apple’s Mac/iphone/ipad for just being a “toy” are going nuts over the new Android Tablets and what do we see, they are showing them off as games consoles, and media content delivery devices. Ah yes hypocrisy at it usual best. In the background the iPad is advancing into a device that not only reads contents but is excellent as a content/artistic creator.
    This is of course to be expected from Android nerds/idiots and the success of the iPad completely confuses their linear brains

  12. Impractical and kinda pointless. Im not standing in front of my 65″ tv to play games THAT close!

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