More Rumors: Verizon Galaxy Nexus Will Be Released This Friday, November 18th


Cruisin’ around Reddit, helpin’ the Android n00bs, I came across a interesting post from someone who had some quality hands-on-time with the Galaxy Nexus. To sum it up, after the Redditor was done tinkering with the device, they asked the owner (who apparently works for Samsung) when the device would hit the streets and they said it was currently on track for a release this Friday, November 18th. While the owner wasn’t sure of pricing, she was very clear and very sure of the US launch of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

So one of my mom’s piano students’ mom works for Samsung and has a Galaxy Nexus (running on Verizon of course). When she stopped by our house I wanted to take a look at it and she let me do so for a good 15-20 minutes!

  • Overall, the software was just as smooth as has been reported before, and from what I could tell by scavenging through the OS it seemed pretty much ready for prime-time, so all the rumors of delays due to bugs are probably incorrect.
  • Camera was just as snappy (no pun intended) as has been reported, and I was actually extremely impressed with the quality of the rapid-fire shots. Panorama worked fine, got one minor bump but nothing big.
  • Face Unlock worked! And very well, in fact. It was very fast to unlock upon recognizing the correct face and quick to notify upon non-recognition.

Lastly, I asked about price/release date/hotspot pricing. She said she wasn’t sure about the price of the phone or the hotspot functionality but she said it was on track to be released this Friday, 11/18. Now, lots of trustworthy people have said lots of different things but she was 100% convinced and informed that it would be this Friday (and no she wasn’t talking about the UK launch, she was specifically talking about Verizon availability in the US).

We’ve been hearing word that the release date for the device had been pushed back to December (possibly to give the RAZR and Rezound some breathing room) but seeing how the Android 4.0 source was released today — completely out of left field — maybe the launched got pushed back up? I know some Android sites receive a lot of flak for posting every bit of Nexus rumors but as long as you know to take ’em with a grain of salt I think they can be fun . So, if you were planning on picking up the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon, Friday might be a good day to take some PTO. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

[Via Reddit]

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  1. 2nd time I’ve seen this rumor in the past couple of days…tentative fist pumping going on here…

    1. false.

  2. Its hard for me to believe this. The Galaxy Nexus (LTE) still has a few bugs to be ironed out from what I heard. Stability issues and reboots to be exact.

    1. wrong. p3 has one and didn’t have those issues.

        1. Yeah p3 is right. Other carriers are launching with “bugs and rough edges”. They don’t care about bugs as much as vzw does. With their tbolt and bionic.

          Besides its not like these things are manufactured overnight. That “article” states testing is going to go on the 19th….. and then what? They manufacture and distribute country wide in 2 weeks? Right…..

          These delay rumors are the fucking stupidest of all the random rumors.

          1. The phones are already manufactured and being shipped soon, if not already.  What the article/P3 is saying is plausible.  If there’s a patch/update to be put out before the launch, then Verizon will simply wait until the update is released before launching the phone.  Then upon activating the phones, they will receive the update OTA.  There have been several cases of this happening with new phones at launch, so this isn’t entirely unbelievable.

          2. That’s fair. But jbq did say 4.0.1 which is in AOSP would ship with GN.

  3. I don’t believe it. I’d bet it’s Monday when the 10 days of twitter challenges end. They did the same game when the Nexus S launched… but Friday would be nice.

    1. I still think 11/21 sounds good too.  Friday is too soon for there not to have been a leaked Verizon Employee document of some sort.  I bet they announce this thing in passing at the Music event tommorrow

  4. First I cry then I get happy again. Then I cry again. Riding the Galaxy Nexus train has been a roller coaster of emotions =/

      1. Roll to disbelieve!

  5. Geezus, now I’m excited again after being depressed most of the day due to it being ‘pushed into December.’ This is exhausting!

  6. Sorry, but this isn’t going to happen.  I can’t believe anything at this point.

    1. Nobody said you had to believe anything. Droid 3 launched with practically no word and just popped up on the verizon site. Stranger things have happened Mr. Pessimist.

      1. Wouldn’t the most recent example be the Rezound?  Did a launch date ever get announced before it launched today?  I don’t remember one..

        1. No, but the launch date for the Rezound had been rumored to be the 14th pretty much forever, and it turned out to be totally true.  The Nexus is all over the place.  And Verizon actually cares about the Rezound.

          1. I think the Nexus is all over the place because it’s a much more anticipated phone and people are making stuff up just to get in the news.  If Verizon cared about the Rezound, they would have advertised it before the launch like they did the RAZR.  I agree with you though, I really doubt the Nexus will launch this week.

            Here’s more conflicting news about its launch, just published today.. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/11/14/sad-rumor-of-the-day-galaxy-nexus-release-pushed-to-december-still-undergoing-testing/

        2. The Rezound was announced to be released 11/14 for a while.  The commercials just started airing a couple days ago tho.

  7. yes, just take my money already Verizon

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….i want it….i want it….i want it!!!!  j;apoiiowln,v.cndovvhovnvksjlavhiohsvsaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

  9. The droid Bionic has been out for a bit and the piece of crap freezes drops data all the time reboots but they didn’t hold that release back anymore. Glad my wife is stuck with it but I want my Gnex baby!!

    1. That piece of crap keeps uninstalling my apps too!  That’s why I’m returning it!  Stupid Droid…

  10. Until I can order it I am not going to believe any rumors. At least that way I wont be disappointed when it doesn’t launch then.

  11. Everyone keeps saying Verizon doesn’t want to market the Galaxy Nexus…if they’d just go ahead and announce a release date I think there would have been less news and hype!

    I’m half tempted to go find a Verizon store tomorrow and check out the RAZR & Rezound, and pester the reps about ICS.  Doubt it’ll do much good, I’ve chatted with a number of the phone customer service agents, they’re generally pretty knowledgeable and nice (provided you’re nice to them!), but Verizon doesn’t tell them anything that isn’t public knowledge, probably to avoid leaks!

  12. Well… my grandfathers ex wifes estranged lovers bastards inbred orc child from Morder said the phone released 3 weeks ago. So, where’s it at?!

    1. Clearly this is bad intel… orc ADULTS can barely talk… a child? comon

  13. You never know…good find Chris

  14. I’m really sick of all this shit.  Google fucked up.  Hey Google, take a page out of the Apple book and release the shit everywhere withing 2 weeks of announcing it.

    1. Like the iPhone 5?

    2. Yeah like the iPhone 5?

      1. Apple never announced the iPhone 5. They announced the iPhone 4S, then released it within two weeks.

        1. but it’s Apple.  Who really cares?  If you are whining about the Nexus, the go buy a 4S with crappy battery life, a buggy iOS5 and an app still in beta called Siri which you will forget to use 2 weeks after purchase.

          1. I dislike ios products as much as the next guy but I don’t think we android people have any place complaining about battery life. Just sayin.

    3. You really want a year and a half between phone releases?  And look at the bugs the iphone 4s has; with very little improvements.  Do see how that is a model to follow

      1. The iPhone users I know haven’t had any complaints that I know of… ijs… But I’ve never used one so what do I know?  Lol

    4. Slow your roll am79, this is not Google’s fault, nor is it Samsung’s.  The problem is with Verizon.  Google/Samsung have stuck to their official date of 17 Nov (UK release).  The delay in the US is most likely stemming from the fact that Verizon just released both the Motorola Razr and the HTC Rezound – both of which, it should be noted, Verizon is able to install their bloatware on with impunity.  However, since the Galaxy Nexus is the next iteration of the “Google phone” (ie it has no manufacturer overlay [Sense, Blur, etc]), Verizon cannot load the aforementioned nuisance, and therefore cannot claim additional revenues from advertising.  So, VZW is probably just trying to milk the sales from those two new phones for as long as they can before having to release the Galaxy Nexus for the shopping-mad week of Black Friday.  Calculated – yes, cruel – yes, frustrating – yes, stupid – absolutely not.

  15. Panda says online order right around that date so lets hope and keep bombarding Verizon with nexus

  16. Is the base model going to be the 16GB or 32GB model?  If it’s the 16GB model, is the 32GB model going to be available, and if so, for how much more?  I would love an answer to this question.  (Not just on Verizon, on other carriers as well)  Also, I’m planning to buy GSM unlocked.  Will Google be selling it directly, or did they stop doing that after the Nexus One?

  17. I. Don’t. Care. Anymore.

    I really don’t. And that is sad.

    1. That reminded me of family guy when Tom Tucker said that to his son after the monkey went into his closet :)

  18. @ Eric.

    Samsung just doesn’t get it. If the rumor is stability issues and reboots, those are hardware issues. It’s just a mini computer. They can tweak the OS all they want but all it is going to do is cause malfunctions. By having them all manufactured already they’re just going to roll out an ota update and fry the phones in weeks because the hardware cannot take it. Just like 97% of there other phones. However, phone malfunctions out of the box eg, rebooting, freezing, haven’t stopped Samsung from releasing phones earlier than needed before, so not sure I believe the rumor.

  19. “one of my mom’s piano students’ mom”
    Really? THAT’S what we are going by now?

    1. Sadly, that’s the closest we have come to “official confirmation”. 

    2. Today the sesame seeds on my bagel looked like 11-18. I’d show you a picture, but I ate it.

  20. This absolutely will not happen.

  21. Something more awesome than this phone will be available next year.  I’m waiting.

  22. I choose to believe this rumor until Friday…then I’ll believe the next nearest rumored date, and so on.

  23. Yea so the biggest phone to come out on verizon is going to be release in a few days with no advertising whatsoever? yea i don’t so.

    this is just like the bionic. so many rumors about release dates and than a week before if comes out you saw all the ads come out.

    no ads, no phone. sorry

  24. Sorry guys GN got moved back to Dec 22 launch I’m very disappointed

  25. Bahahaha awesome. Razr and rezound may get ics before you guts get your Sammy junk.

    1. This is only going to delay ICS on those other devices, not shorten it…troll

      1. Actually, the ICS source code got released yesterday, I’m sure Moto and HTC are working on Not-Blur and Sense right now….The Galaxy Nexus itself has no impact on those phones at all

      2. Not necessarily, the ICS source was released last night, so a lot of devices could see it early due to CM9.

  26. I’ll believe it when I see it, still haven’t mustered enough cash for a Nexus anyway so I couldn’t care less.

  27. Let’s get to the root of the article.. your mom is a piano teacher, which means she probably taught you growing up.  MUAHAHAHA band camp nerd!

    1. I don’t think HIS mom is the piano teacher.  He was quoting an article from Reddit.

  28. Wow, you’re getting pretty hard up for rumors if you’re trusting fifth-hand “evidence” from the black hole of whiny self-entitlement that is r/android.

  29. Still thinking VZW is beefing up their phone support dept before releasing it because of all the problems the gnex will undoubtedly have.

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