Nov 8th, 2011

We can’t even be mad at or surprised by Microsoft at this point. Huawei joins their fast-growing list of OEMs who manufacturer Android phones that are directly infringing on their patents by doing so.

Microsoft has been putting licensing deals in place with not only many popular OEMs, but also some we’ve never heard of. They must pay the Redmond company for every Android smartphone sold.

Imagine having to pay a separate entity anywhere between $7-$15 on millions of phones shipped when all of it was practically free from the vendor themselves Yep, leaves a very sour taste in my mouth too.

And the kicker is that Microsoft makes more money on these sales than they do from sales of phones with their own operating system. Thankfully these recent events haven’t deterred OEMs from using Android in their flagship lineups as you simply can’t deny the fastest growing operating system of all time. [Engadget]

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