Amazon UK Pushes SIM Free Galaxy Nexus Date Back to Dec. 2nd


We’ve just been made aware of a change to the Galaxy Nexus’ shipping date from Amazon UK. Instead of November 17th, they are committing to Dec. 2nd for the SIM free model. Don’t fret – this doesn’t mean that November 17th for the UK is a far and away dream as Samsung has already confirmed the date. But if you preordered the device from Amazon hoping to get it in 9 days’ time, you’re probably out of luck. Of course, as it’s happened a couple of times already including today, anything can happen between now and early next month. [Amazon, Thanks Phil!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. one terrible launch

  2. Really want this phone!

  3. If there is one thing apple can do right it is announcing a product and promptly launching it. Android OEMs need to follow Apple in that regard. This phone I was so excited about but am now having second thoughts because if I have to wait until January for a Tmobile version then I will just wait until a phone comes with samsungs new exynos, or Qualcomms s4, or tegra 3. Epic launch fail.

    1. Might as well wait for a quad core phone. I think Android coming out with phones all the time hurts there sales cause there is always something better coming out…

    2. Feel exactly the same mate. If this was released start of the month I would of been all over it like a tramp on chips, but now the Rezound is looking better with the 1.5 GHz CPU and the quad core devices just around the corner it seems silly to commit to tech that will be even less future proof than usual :P

      1. Though you gotta keep in mind that this will probably still receive software updates faster than most anything else.

        One of the reasons I got excited (an still am) about this phone is the ushering in of the new version of the OS, and the fact that it will be a bloat-ware free, stock android experience.

        1. You are so right… To have the first ICS (which isn’t just an update for android, it’s a whole new android basically), 1st updates in future, & bloat free makes it way more appealing & will allow it to last a lot longer than most phones in this crazy fast tech market! Yes the rezound is 1.5, but it’s a weaker processor, probably has way worse battery life since it’s an HTC, & the nexus is a 1.5 tuned down to 1.2 for optimal battery.  Even if quads start popping up in feb, the nexus being bloat free and already have been running ICS for a couple months will still be the better phone for a while – until next yrs nexus of course!

      2. People seems to think Rezound has better specs than G-Nex but it isn’t the case at all. TI-OMAP 4460 uses A9 Cortex model while the Snapdragon in Rezound uses A8 model. It means OMAP is faster for each Hertz than Rezound. Also OMAP is designed for 1.5GHz under-clocked to 1.2 for battery life so rooting and over-clocking Galaxy Nexus will be easier and safer too do.

        For example, 1.2GHz Exynos 4210 that also uses A9 cortex in Galaxy S2 international is faster than 1.5GHz Snapdragon in T-Mobile Galaxy S2. Not to mention 1.5GHz Snapdragon eats more battery, so expect Rezound to have crappy battery life.

  4. Just Launch for heaven sake.

  5. Please wake me up when we have an actual release date.

  6. Looks like ICS and a Nexus is as bad as the Moto Bionic launch.  I may have to go to Apple.

  7. What an Absolute joke this is turning into.

  8. I’ve preordered this phone with Amazon and the delivery estimate is still the 17th of Nov. Will update as that changes. Don’t see why amazon would change the release date after Samsung officially confirmed the date of 17th of Nov.

    1. Just got an email from Amazon saying that Samsung has changed the launch date to Dec 2nd so my delivery est has changed to that. Another garbage launch from google

  9. I wonder if this is going to ripple over to the U.S. and we are going to have a delay as well??? I really hope not! My OG can’t hold on for much longer.  

  10. Chill everyone. The galaxy nexus will be old news next month anyways!

  11. Really looking forward to this phone. Need some reviews and hands on before I buy (size might be a deal breaker).

    Anywhoo to bad the launch is delayed, but it dosen’t “turn me off”. Compared to phones like razr and Rezound, it just has the whole package (for me). I don’t really care to much about CPU and GPU if it uses what it has better than the competition. Actually I just dont understand people being that upset about the launch – though I agree that the other companies can learn a lot from Apple.

  12. And all along we thought this was all Verizon’s fault. Now I’m really starting to think that ICS is not ready for prime time yet (see what i did there?)

    1. Or maybe it’s just that Samsung has had a lot on their plate with their recent releases of other phones.. and now with this one they have to ramp up and divy resources to provide phones for the orders they have with carriers all over the place,, With Verizon, they do have to make some changes in the assembly because of CDMA and different radio tech.. same with Sprint.. It sounds like a lot of work.. If there are software problems that would be even worse. Time will tell I suppose.

    2. I think that’s the case too. Once iPhone 4s was launched they saw they could work out the kinks and that is what they are doing. And building up stock.

  13. G A L A X Y   S    III

  14. Verizon you should have just got the sgs2 and let us be happy. I’m only gettig nexus because there is no sgs2 on Verizon.

  15. Amazon UK seem really disorganised with their release dates. In the UK, just about everyone is selling the Galaxy Note and you can buy it in the High Street but Amazon UK say it’s not released until November 11th. When they do eventually get round to selling the Note, they are proposing to charge around £100 more than anyone else.

    See: http://goo.gl/Cl9vp for their page on the Note.

    So I wouldn’t trust anything they say about release dates!

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