Nook Simple Touch Updated with Better eInk Display, Nook Color to Receive Software Update


The Nook Tablet wants to run the Amazon Kindle Fire and crew out of town, and it won’t be without help. Along with the announcement of the new e-reader/tablet, Barnes and Noble have updated the freshly renamed Nook Simple Touch with an improved eInk display with increased text rendering speed, improved readability, and less battery drain. It is said that the Nook Simple Touch can go two months on a single charge. Along with the new display the Simple Touch gets a price drop to $99.

The Nook Color wasn’t left out either, as it was announced that the e-reader will receive a software update that will bring it up to speed with the Nook Tablet. The update features over 100 improvements and provides Nook Color owners with the same access to content as those who pick up the new device. This includes web and email as well as other media portals. The Nook Color has been reduced in price to $199.99.

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Barnes & Noble Announces Nook Tablet

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  1. Nice to see that they aren’t forgetting the Nook Color.

  2. I’ll have to pick one up for my Fiance` since she doesn’t want an actual tablet.

  3. Where is e-ink Colour Triton display, some basic colour will always be better than Black & white,  this could of blow the kindle out of the water if it had just had the colour Triton display.

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