Motorola Corvair Pictured, a 6-inch Tablet for Controlling Your TV


What happens when you cross a remote control and an Android tablet? We might just have the answer in the form of the 6-inch Motorola Corvair. The recently-spied Android 2.3 tablet is currently in testing (and seen here in its packaging) and is tagged as a “Dedicated controller for the connect[ed]…” with who or what the controller is connected to remaining a mystery. The likely plan is for the Corvair to act as a remote control for your TV set or home automation system, which means we will probably see it offered as a bundled device with your cable plan. The tablet will use the same (or similar) built-in IR technology found in the recently announced XOOM 2.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Let’s hope that I see this for Verizon fios.

  2. This is an interesting direction, and a bit unexpected which is exciting.  I could see this ultimately becoming a companion with all the Moto cable boxes used by Comcast (and other cable providers, I’d suspect).  Additionally, if that’s the case I would imagine it will have compatibility with all the Smart TV’s – all of which is very exciting.  

  3. It will be hard to dethrone the remote champion Harmony

  4. …I control my Smasung Smart TV with my Galaxy S II….hardly need to buy a tablet just to change channels…what were moto thinking….

  5. Who decided to name this thing the Corvair? Someone who’s about to lose their job I bet.

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