Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc HD (Nozomi) Shows Up in the Wild


The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (once known as Nozomi) will be the manufacturer’s next flagship handset. With a rumored 720p HD 4.3-inch display it should live up to its name. Little else is known about handset, but images of the phone with model number LT26i have surfaced. The phone gets an appealing rectangular look and the nice dash of style often associated with Sony’s products.

Sony Ericsson has been slowly producing better and better Android handsets, but they have yet to break into the upper echelon of Android handset makers. If the Xperia Arc HD is as beautiful on the software side as it is on the hardware, we’d say they are getting there.

[via iAndroid]

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  1. Nah… Sorry Sony, don’t like this one. It’s an ugly duckling amongst your other creations.

    1. If you think that’s ugly, I shudder to think what design you like.

  2. Finally a 4.3″ hd screen phone. Awesome

  3. I’m loving the minimal bezel!

  4. Looks nice but it’s got buttons and Gingerbread, if I was Sony, I’d scrap the buttons ASAP and put ICS on it ready for CES 2012.

    1. I don’t see the buttons…. I agree with you if they are there…. but I may just be blind.

      1. Oh. It’s on other leaked pictures. Theres 3 touch sensitive buttons on the “front LED bar”.

    2. The main reason why ICS supports no buttons is because tablets need it. they are so big the buttons need to move when you tilt the tablet. The nexus has no buttons because its a dev phone using ICS that merges tablets and phone (hence on screen buttons) but personaly I hope PHONE manufactures dont decide to get rid of them.. maybe those ugly capacative ones but not the real ones sony uses,

  5. what do the three LED at the back do? turn on when the camera is on?

  6. Call me pedantic – but if this is the Xperia ARC HD…. where be the arc?

    PS: Still a nice looking phone although I prefer the original Arc design.

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