SwiftKey VIP Members Testing MultiTouch in Latest Alpha


SwiftKey, the keyboard so fast you’ll wonder why OEMs can’t match their product, has released a new Alpha version of the application to their VIP members. One very big feature is in the works – multitouch typing.

With this functionality, you can press a key even if you already have your finger on another keyboard. MultiTouch typing means you don’t have to worry about releasing your thumb entirely before pressing the next key so you can glide across the keyboard even faster.

And if you have a tablet, multi-finger (on each hand) typing should be even better once this update makes its way to the Android market. We’re excited – how about you? [SwiftKey VIP via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Got my email this morning, too bad the Alpha only lasts for two weeks.

  2. Yeah, I’m using it, too. But it still doesn’t fix the issues with the Bionic.

  3. Just installed the APK on my Droid X and it isn’t multitouch. Other alpha users having the issue as well. Release an alpha for people to use JUST the multitouch, and not include multitouch? Iamdisappoint.

  4. Thanks tom. I have the same problem

  5. I like swiftkey but they refuse to take voice tying seriously. They use their own crappy version of voice input, not googles and then they made it a 2 button press just to activate it. Despite numerous complaints on their own website, they have yet to change or improve voice integration which renders my paid version useless

    1. Really?  I like it a lot actually.  The main reason I like their version is that it gives you three choices to choose from and 1 of the 3 is always right for me. Usually with googles I have to redo my message 2 or 3 times until it gets it perfect.  I wish google would implement the 3 choice feature into their own version.  

      Also, holding down that button, makes it one click to access instead of clicking twice to access the feature.  

      1. Ya, doesn’t work for me at all. I find googles integration to be spot on, with swiftkeyx i have to proof read 3 choices each time, it is totally intuitive to me trying to see which one is most accurate (usually the first but it offers subtle variations, it’s just plain annoying (to me))

        Google will never do what you want, ice cream sandwich offers word by work live voice input, meaning as you say each word it types it. Not sure how good it will work but we will see soon enough

  6. If you have and love MIUI don’t use it. It does NOT work very well. Duplicates letters way too many times thus causing you to hit backspace more times than you do actually type.

  7. Yeah same for me I don’t have the multi touch eaither

  8. Been using the “regular” SwiftKey X for months and love it, never realized it WASN’T multitouch!

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