ASUS Transformer Prime Shows Off Quad-Core Power in Impressive Benchmark Result


The ASUS Transformer Prime is shaping up to be the first Android tablet (possibly the first tablet period?) with a quad-core processor and if these early benchmarks are anything to go buy I’d say we have a lot to be excited for. The benchmark result was found on AnTuTu and the device seems to topple heavy hitters such as the Galaxy S II by a large stretch. Will it translate to real world performance? We certainly hope so, though even on dated dual-core processors Honeycomb doesn’t run too bad. I’d say we have absolutely nothing to worry about and have a ton to get excited about. [ via Reddit]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow, I’m definitely buying this!

  2. … prime FTW

  3. does anyone know about the GPU on this thing??? Last year I was in shock when Tegra got demolished by Apple’s dual core offering, I’m pretty sure they pushed the limits with this one but I’m curious to know where it stacks against the A5. I think it has to crush that to stay ahead of the A6.

    1. Unfortunately, nVidia’s Tegra GPU have been pretty much underwhelming.  They were able to claim first for a dual-core chipset but the GPU in the Nexus S can easily keep up with Tegra.  If you look at the 3D part of this graph, it looks like as if nVidia will barely bring things on par with the GS2 and GN’s GPU.

      1. 60FPS cap :) 3D score doesn’t show what it’s capable off!

    2. Also the Tegra 2 is rather old in tech terms.  It was being issued to manufacturers in early 2009.  Keep in mind that the G1 came out in October of 2008.  For this time period the Tegra 2 was phenomenal.  The fact that Apple’s SOC out performed it is no surprise.  Now the new Tegra 3, there would be no excuse for that.  The Tegra 3 is a 12 core GPU while the A5 is only 2.  Now this doesn’t necessarily tie to its performance, but as with most multicore operations it has significant potential for performance as well as power savings.

      1. Nope, Nvidia count each vertex, and fragment processor as a core, while the SGX543MP2 means it has two SGX543’s in one chip.
        It would be more accurate to say the SGX543MP2 has 8, and the Tegra 3 has 12, but how efficient they make the new Geforce gpu is unknown, if they don’t make huge adjustments to the GPU it wil get it’s ass kicked by the overclocked SGX540 found in the Galaxy Nexus.

    3. Sadly (not really) the SGX 543MP2 will still rape the Kel El GPU, unless they make dramatic architectural changes, and Nvidia are known for staying at the same architecture a long time….. (8800gt == 9800gt == 250gts)
      I think they will use Unified Pipelines this time however, so this will be interesting.

  4. Impressive as this is lets look at the Nexus S and LG Optimus 2X and see the difference between a 1ghz one core phone and a 1ghz dual core phone and yet many professionals say that the Nexus S is faster than Tegra 2 phones. 

    My point is that I have a feeling that the Galaxy Nexus will be able to compete with skinned quad core phones despite being a dual core phone.

    1. GPU looks pretty much on par with GS2 and Galaxy Nexus looking at this graph. Raw CPU power is much higher but you’d have to be doing some heavy computing or multitasking. For current games, you won’t see much of an improvement on Tegra3 over the latest smartphones. (But a much needed improvement over the Tegra2 tablets and phones.)

      1. Don’t forget most mobiles/tablets have a FPS cap of 60 so if there all getting 60 FPS there is no way to compare ;)

        1. Yeah, I didn’t factor that. I guess we’ll have to wait for an offsreen GLBenchmark to have a better idea. Altough real-world performance is always what matters most anyway.

          1. Those GLbenchmarks are bunk along with every other mobile benchmark. They’re all absolutely useless and should not be taken seriously.

  5. The first android tablet that is making me think it worthwhile to purchase. When the heck did the Galaxy Nexus get benchmarked?! Glad to see it holds up to the GSII.

    1. “holds up to the GSII” with only Android 2.3… Waiting for Android 4.0 so SGS2 will end up higher than SGN ;)

      1. Good point. I’ve heard (no link) that Samsung incorporated hardware acceleration into the GSII though, so it will be interesting to see how much (if at all) the scores improve, once it gets a _skinned_ version of ICS.

        1. The Galaxy S II uses Exynos/Mali CGPU for hw accel on the Internet browser and video player. THats why it pwns any other smartphone/tablet device on Internet speed and 1080p full bluRay playback. And thats the reason I have one on my desk right now.

          1. Should I count this as bragging or just pure stupidity?

      2. On this chart the Galaxy Nexus and GS2 are neck and neck but actually Samsung had to use that super fast processor just to be able to equal the old Nexus S so when you realize that the Galaxy Nexus actually compares to the Transformer Prime and not the GS2.

        Now if the next version of TouchWiz changes to become like the one on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 + Android 4.0 then the new Samsung phones will indeed be faster than the Galaxy Nexus since they will be more closer to stock Android.

      3. I’m sure it will but damn.. the sgs2 is fast enough so no disappointment in galaxy nexus hardware-wise. We should be good :D

      4. Sorry but that’s not how it is, with properly threaded tasks and 3d test this is pretty much it, I can only see ICS as a decrease in performance, since it’s a bit heavier.
        Hardware acceleration on affects 2D, most 3D stuff is already accelerated.
        Everyone agreeing with you are morons, the OMAP 4460 is currently stronger than the Exynos.

      5. Haha, waiting is what you will be doing lmao!!!  Look how long it took to get the phone to the states!!!

  6. Wow and that’s stock, imagine what it will look like once put devs get at it. 15k!

  7. I’ll be buying this tablet.

  8. Way cool! Too bad Toshiba may not be releasing the A200 in time for the holidays here in the US. 
    Their loss I guess. 

  9. Can this come out already.. been drooling over finally getting my hands on this for too long.. cash in hand i have a feeling it is going to be a mission to get my hands on one when they are released… :(

  10. So this is the Tegra 3.

  11. I see the Galaxy Nexus beat the S2 also.. NICE!!!

  12. I wonder if that GS2 is the Exynos version with the sweet Mali 400 GPU or the TI version.  I’m hoping it’s the Exynos version to give more support to the awesomeness of the the Galaxy Nexus and to make people feel better about not getting the Exynos Mali combo.

    1. With the exynos/mali combo not supporting LTE, I already have that feeling. Good benchmarks are a nice to have, but LTE is a MUST HAVE. For me at least.

  13. Why isn’t this compared with other tablets?  Where does Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 come in on this test.

    1. XOOM is there, noob

      1. XOOM, big deal.  I agree, Tab and iPad2 would be nice to have been on list in place of “My Device.”  How stupid. Like comparing horsepower and torque between cars and trucks.  Maybe just showing how far behind the XOOM is!  lol

  14. Kinda interesting to note that it’s there’s mostly a dramatic difference in CPU and RAM functions, but 3D graphics wise there’s very little change. 2D seems to stay the same all throughout. 

    1. Because of the 60 FPS cap both the tegra 2 and 3 perform 60 FPS constantly ;)

    2. Yeah something is fishy with those nearly identical GPU scores. And quad core next to the name reeks of being fake as well, it looks added on to fill out the graph bar. No other devices in there indicate core count. A9 quad cores should do well but if this is real the GPU score should have been double of tegra2 based devices, nvidia said that tegra3 is much faster than tegra2. I think some noob faked this without knowing that he should have changed the GPU score as well. Also, G Nexus score is too close to the SGS2 score. Either way, there is a troll somewhere poling about this deception he produced.

      1. Part of the problem here is that this benchmark tool sucks at giving you real world performance. Why can’t these guys actually run a benchmark like GL Benchmark or the Egypt 2.0 demo or a Quake3Demo benchmark and see where these things stack up. Also the GPUs in the Tegra3 chip are probably optimized to provide visual features like spatial lighting and anti aliasing which probably this benchmark does not test.

        1. You kidding?
          Quake3 is frame capped.

  15. Blazing fast? Check.
    Slim, light, beautiful? Check.
    Proven record on updates? Check.

    And with the killer keyboard attachment to boot? This is my first tablet, without question. Finally time to retire the crusty old netbook.

    1. Your crusty old netbook is more powerfull than any arm device.

      1. But way slower than a typical desktop/laptop, which was the design target for all the software it runs. And did I mention it’s down below two hours between charges these days?

      2. Probably not, after seeing Kal El coming close to Core 2 duo numbers it probably beats his netbook.

      3. With the keyboard attachment the original transformer gets 16hrs of battery life.  Show me a netbook that can do that.  I’ll take battery life over anything a netbook can do any day.  Having a netbook to me was a waste of money but having this tablet has been awesome.  I was one of those “tablet is a niche product” people but I am definitely converted.  My transformer blows a netbook away.

  16. i wont buy until the android tablet software improves alot more,its way too buggy

    1. Enter Android four.oh

    2. What bugs are you referring to? I haven’t come across any on my original TF running 3.2.1.

  17. It’s over 9000!!!!!!!!!

  18. Looks like the 3d and 2d performance measuring capability of this test is maxed out by even the old sgx540 on the Nexus S. That should explain why the Galaxy Nexus scored higher overall than the Galaxy S2. The TI OMAP 4460 is a slightly more efficient cpu than the Exynos, but the Mali 400 should be much faster than the sgx540 in the gpu department. Would be interesting to see the results of a more modern benchmark to compare the gpu capabilities more accurately. I would expect the tegra 3 to perform even higher in a better benchmark.

    1. Actually the SGX 540 beats the Mali 400 at many tasks, and the one in the Galaxy Nexus is clocked at 384 MHz, twice as fast as the one in the original Galaxy S (and Nexus S).
      In my opinion the Mali 400 was a failed experiment, they did things like efficient anti aliasing and other things, but it still failed at the most basic tasks, but I can’t say that for sure, as the frame caps are present….

      1. Exynos is bad at doing triangles/sec and I think it runs hot.

  19. I find it hard to belive because of the resolution and quality of the picture, it looks fake in my opinion.

  20. I’m still just waiting for a good, usable tablet. Dual core is plenty good enough. Without the apps and developer support this thing will be just as dead in the water as any other tablet.

  21. Why didn’t they test a first gen Transformer (TF-101) that would have been nice to see.  I have the TF-101 and it runs great so the Prime has got to be AMAZING.  Anyone who buys the Prime is going to be VERY, VERY happy – the First gen Transformer is most excellent so I’m sure you’re going to LOVE the Prime.

  22. Any confirmation on pricing?  Worht more than any other tablet, just hope not priced like it! lol

  23. This article doesn’t say, but the procesor is a Tegra 3. Why leave that out?

    1. Because everyone knows that already.

  24. amazing piece of high tech engineering

    i am already competing for one on its (official?) forum, you can win this tablet there!

    they are asking only for a couple of posts.

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