Rogers’ Samsung Galaxy S II LTE Shipments Are In, Expected to Ship Within a Week


Just as Rogers expected, they have gotten their shipments of the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE in this week for use on their network. While they currently have the shipment, you know logistics dictates when they can actually ship devices to consumers and make them available in-store. Fortunately, they say the timeframe of “within a week” hasn’t changed at this point, though anything can happen between now and whenever. At least we know you all won’t have to wait long into the autumn days for it. [via MobileSyrup]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. any idea if this is the beefed up version like the usa? bell has had this phone for months.

  2. Is this any thicker because of the LTE radio?

  3. No they haven’t this is LTE

  4. Whats a Canada?

  5. It’s LTE device , of course it’s the buffed up version.
    1.5ghz dual core , 4.5 inch screen.

  6. I would like 2 know more about it, and I would like 2know what is diffefence between #1and#2? Does it have more room 4 stuff on it? Does it download faster, ? Or does it have more stuff on it?

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