Android Honeycomb Update for Sony’s Google TV Blu Ray Player Now Live


Just as with other Sony Google TV products, their Blu Ray player is now getting the highly desirable upgrade to Android 3.0+ Honeycomb. The update will bring about a more traditional Android experience with access to the Android market. Google hopes this will increase excitement for Google TV from both developers and users in order to springboard their platform into the upper echelon of internet-connected set-top boxes. Check for it on your unit if you haven’t already. [Droid Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Got it much better. TV listings for what’s on now could be better.  I must be missing something.

  2. Does anyone have any updates for the Logitech revue?

    1. ^This!

  3. Ironically, my Sony Blu Ray unit received the update, while the the actual Sony TV hasn’t yet.

  4. Yeah, how about Logitech. When is that happening. Why did Sony get the update first anyway?

    1. ever have that feeling it will come while we’re sitting down to turkey or ham dinner?lol

  5. Where’s the “reboot” for Logitech? I thought Logitech started it all..Sony joined something not right there

    1. I agree though the googletv blog stated we revue users were getting it right after the sony users are…

      still think we should of got it first

      1. Makes you wonder don’t it?lol! back when I was with msntv(formerly webtv) that’s why I went with Philips at the time,same thing here..I expected better things with Logitech..I do think they’re “on their game” most of the time…just “off their game” a little on the “push”..oh well they will have alot of new customers I’m sure that’ll help things

        1. Well i’ll still give them their props if they get off their buts and get this to us within the week

  6. The Revue update is coming out at a later date. I don’t think they have a date. I have both and my sony bd player got it last night. Much better!

    1. Logitech told me “in the next two week”…here’s to counting down I guess

  7. This update is awesome on my Sony google TVs, everything is much smoother and i have way more options

  8. I got it and it STINKS! It now looks more like App TV instead of Google TV. The Netflix app was updated and it is much worse than the one before as well. My unit seems to respond slower now. Some apps don’t appear to be compatible with Blu Ray units remote.

    1. I’ll be happy with whatever I get when it comes..I’ll be a “change up” from where I’ve been.

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