Nexus S Experiments Continue Aboard The International Space Station


Looks like those Nexus S’s that were taken up into space are still going strong. In an update that was posted on NASA’s International Space Station page, it appears the experiments using the free-flying SPHERES and the Nexus S continued today as the Expedition 29 crew, who are currently calling the International Space Station home, prepares to dock with an unpiloted Russian cargo ship.

The Nexus S is the eyes and ears of the SPHERES and they floated gracefully in zero gravity to “assist the experiments sponsor with the design of the teleoperation interface.” You can see Google’s explanation on the exact role of the Nexus S’s in their video below.

Good ‘ol Google and their Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK) hard at work. Let’s hope everyone makes it back safe.

Thanks, Rufus!

[Via NASA | ISS Video]

Chris Chavez
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  1. yayyy gooooo google!

  2. Too bad iPhone cant in SpaceStation! Go Android!!!


  4. Apple doesn’t want to pay millions to go to space.

  5. NASA ISS with GOOGLE.

  6. Boring , NASA sucks !

  7. Android does SCIENCE. IOS, well………..

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