Motorola DROID RAZR Shows Off SpeedTests and Boot Animation [Video]


The Motorola DROID RAZR launch is almost upon us and as we near its release, the device has already showed up in the hands of one lucky user on YouTube. While there’s not too much here we haven’t already seen, the lucky Razr user does give us a brief video tour of the device showing off the boot animation, Speedtests, Motoblur and a couple of profile shots. Have a look for yourselves in the video below.

The disgustingly thin Motorola Razr is gearing up to launch on November 10th for $300 with a 2-year agreement. What did you guys think? Does the promise of Android 4.0 and its nearly indestructible design make this a clear choice for any of you guys?

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  1. If you are doing something with a phone get rid of the touchpad dont play with both. SO distracting

  2. As a very happy OG Droid owner, I wouldn’t come within a 100 feet of this phone.  Moto is dying..it’s sad to watch.  The whole Bionic mess has deterred me.

    1. This looks like a good phone and bionic was plagued from day ine they should have scrapped that all together for this.

      1. I agree that they should have scrapped it.  I do hope the RAZR does awesome but it won’t surprise me if it has significant issues.

      2. I actually own the bionic, and it isn’t a bad phone. People complain about the blur, but it really doesn’t get in the way, and adds a few nice features. What is your real beef?

        1. Read the Moto forums on this phone about the delayed update, airplane mode cycles, connectivity issues, reboots…that’s my beef.

  3. layout on the verge sucks big time

  4. motoblur + locked bootloader has ruined the Razr for me (not to mention moto’s horrible hardware quality). not even gonna go on this planet. 

    shame really – the hardware is really nice looking, the spec sheet is friggin awesome, and motoblur’s appearance is GREAT. but the cons outweigh the pros, if i’m able to upgrade this holiday, so far, the G-Nex still takes the crown. 

    1. Locked bootloader means nothing. Cyanogen runs on the droid x just fine.

      1. But only with the stock kernel.

        1. But the Kernels are actually performing well, it’s the blur portion that is the issue, and that’s cleaned after a you install a custom rom on top of the stock kernel. I have yet to find anything that I would want to do with my kernel that I can’t accomplish through CM7 over a stock GB kernel on my D2G phone.

  5. if it wasnt for the nexus i would be getting this but ill wait

  6. This phone is too disappointing, just like Motorola. Motorola was a very promising company.

    1. how is this phone a disappointment?

      1. only idiots will say this phone is a disappointment…my bionic is fine..just like dissing on moto..granted i wish screen was a tad better on my bionic but i love it..though tempted to buy this..it really looks hot.

        1. They hold a grudge against Moto because they lock the bootloader.

  7. All those DROID sounds is highly annoying, Just hand me my Galaxy Nexus. 

    1. Agreed, I hate the Droid brand and that Blur lockscreen is awful.

      1. soooo change it in less than 60 seconds?

    2. Here you go. Enjoy the samoled minus pentile, huge-bezeled, over-sized, cheap piece of plastic.

      1. uh, what? nexus looks awesome.
        and why are u posting so much?

        1. Nexus looks like a cheap Chinese toy that won’t even pass the safety control.

        2. It looks like every other Samsung phone. They all feel like toys, and look like total crap. How dare they skimp on specs, on what is supposed to be a flagship phone. They put an HD screen on the thing…with Samoled -….the same as the phones from last year! No excuse for that. Then, there’s the camera. While I know 8MP isn’t neccessarily better than 5MP…the general public doesn’t. “But, the iPhone has 8 em pees.”Then they want to have non expandable storage. Then they want to have a freakin huge ass phone, that won’t even be very thin. Samsung’s bezels are ridiculous. You people want to drool all over it because of ICS…but the phone is hideous, and lacking some up-to-date specs.

          1. So is your razr and any other moto phone.

          2. Motorola way the way. samsung is second choice.

          3. Nope just being honest. Nice try moto fanboy though:)

          4. Yea I am :) you are a plastic fanboy lol.

      2. Psst. Droid Razr is “Super AMOLED Advanced” and is still Pentile as well..just lower definition than the Nexus ( 1280×720 for nexus, 960×540 which is below 720 HD for the RAZR ).

        Droid RAZR uses plastic as well…and for good reason. It’s not a terrible material, it’s extremely good: Shock resistant, light, and yes..cheap. It’s more than strong enough for a phone. (Also note that the kevlar on the RAZR is just for looks and to make it more expensive. It won’t do anything there, and is too thin to protect against puncture.)

        Size: Other than thickness the 2 are actually pretty much the same. The Nexus is less than 5mm wider ( 130.7 vs 135.5 ) and is actually 1 mm skinnier ( 68.9 vs 67.94 ). Thickness is actually a noticeable difference for the RAZR.

        The huge-bezel is still valid…stick to that ( as well as Gorilla Glass, thin and Micro SD ).

        Personally though, I’ll just go with the HTC Rezound ( ugh, hate that name though. ) Hopefully they don’t have any surprise let downs like the RAZR and Nexus both had.

      3. Razr has pentile SAMOLED too. Get your fact straight! Nexus has just different brand fortified glass and metal frame under plastic.

        1. Razr is samoled plus, not pentile

          1. where is source or proof?

          2. Samsung doesn’t sell SAMOLED plus to anyone, period. If you still don’t believe it, see this.


          3. Well, what do you think Super Amoled Advanced is???? It isn’t plain Samoled. Ha It’s ridiculous that Samsung didn’t use plus on their damn flagship. Ugggh.

      4. i agree samsung makes plastic devices

  8. Wow, this video definitely convinces me not to even think about the RAZR.  What a joke.

    1. The phone is hot. You, are not.

  9. Terrible Video…

  10. just another normal average droid. 

  11. That screen looks amazing, I really don’t understand the moto hate. How come nobody is complaining about Sony phones being locked down or htc devices?

    1. It’s really more the motoblur.  It’s a terrible addition and really ruins the experience.  I have a DX2 and it just makes my phone a terrible glitch baby.

      1. Previous iterations have been bad, but the Bionic is a much more clean device. Plus with all the availability of root tools, and apps like Titanium Backup that allow programs to be frozen, this is REALLY a moot point.

  12. I will happily stick with my Bionic

    1. Haha I guess you will.

    2. Do not be discourage, the bionic is future proof as well. I have it the good thing is that i have 2 lines. Therefore, i can have two nice devices per year lol :)

  13. $99 phone stand….not how i use my touchpad but ok…

  14. Anyone besides me think the boot up was really slow for a dual core phone.my galaxy s2 boots up faster

  15. hey im surprised. motoblur seems prety nice in razr

    1. You do Realize its not Blur anymore right???

      1. lol excuse me he meant to say motorola applications platform…………

  16. Why so much hate on Moto? The new Razr looks great. I own the Bionic and it’s hands down the best phone I’ve owned and used.

    1. bionic is good. razr has a locked battery case and locked bootloader. Bootloader can be dealt with, locked battery case is simply “I will never suggest this phone to anyone”.

      1. wow, you sure made a convincing argument. got anything valid to say? oh right, you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

        1. Maybe is the other way around :).

      2. How’s than non removable battery issue hurt Apple with the iPhone?  Oh, I guess it hasn’t!  Get a clue dude before you start talking trash about a phone you’ve never held in your hands.

        1. why are you trolling me? The phone could be good, but having a lack of removable battery is a big deal. How are you to put in an extended battery for example? that’s the most basic and obvious thing. Iphone $version doesn’t have enough battery life? unscrew and replace. You can still unscrew with apple, they just tried to prevent it.

  17. I have two on preorder. Such a beautiful, well made phone.

    1. Agreed! Build quality looks waaaaaay better then the nexus! The only thing the Nexus has on this puppy is resolution and stock android, otherwise they are pretty much equal (samoled, processor, etc)

      1. wow. u havent even touched the nexus… where’s all this hate coming from..

        1. No hate bro, I’ve felt samsung phones and ive felt moto phones, and moto phones have always felt waaay better. Also, I PERSONALLY think the razr looks nicer then the prime.

    2. Moto has a winner with this one. I cant wait for my razor .

  18. I hate Samsung phones, so it it wasn’t for the rezound coming out(love HTC) I would be settling with this monster. Love the slim and build quality.

  19. Speakeasy>speedtest

  20. took a minute to boot up…. pff

  21. The phone looks great but I’ve been burnt by Motorola far too many times before on bugs and updating android.

  22. I have had Moto , Samsung, and HTC In the past and ALWAYS go back to Moto for the build quality. Yes the “Blur” made the DX and DX2 hard to use but I now have the Bionic and its smooth and 0 Lag no matter what you throw at it.  Can one of you “Blur” haters compile a list of the MotoBlur items that you hate so much? instead of always saying “its always in the background”.  If it doesnt slow the phone down………then whats the issue? ( I also have Razr on pre-order )

    1. They will always hold a grudge on moto lol. Me and you will have the same devices bro :)

  23. If it weren’t for the Nexus, I’d probably get……the Rezound. Suck it Moto.

  24. Speaking of “I couldn’t care less about the RAZR” is the TouchPad version of CyanogenMod out of beta yet?

    1. I’m waiting for ics then ill put it on my touch pad.

  25. no benchmark test?

  26. I have yet to see the perfect phone. It seems that they always leave out at least 1 must have feature keeping us looking for the perfect 1. IMO, the Razr is close, but not IT.

  27. All this Samsung vs Moto vs HTC thing is really upsetting. It should be Android vs Icrap, as that’s truly a different OS. With the hardware, it’s all about how you handle your phone.

    The Samsung Nexus is going to be plastic, and won’t have Gorilla Glass, so I can’t own one, as I’ll break it.
    That doesn’t make it a bad phone.

    The RAZR has Blur, but so did my D2G and I don’t have blur anymore and my phone is ROCK SOLID otherwise.

    HTC has solid designs, but the looks aren’t the most eye appealing, but they are phones for the masses.

    The iJunk that a lot of people carry around are horribly locked down. We talk about locked boatloaders, but no one should complain about that, because at least our OS isn’t locked on top of of a boatloader, all locked into a single app market, all locked into having to deal with a crappy I(this is my music but I guess you can keep it for me)tunes. 

    I suggest quit fighting over which android hardware implementation is better, and promote the brand more. Most Android phones are awesome. The Bionic, RAZR, Rezound & Nexus are, and will be, all quality phones.

    1. Nexus does have a same kind of fortified glass that’s not just called GG. And it’s got metal frame inside the plastic cover. It’s not so poorly build as it looks to you.

      1. Boy….way to completely gloss over my entire point, and ruin the exact thing I was talking about.

        Do people actually read anymore??

        1. Hey man guess what? 95% of people on the internet see something they dislike and forget about everything else they see in the article and comment about that one point.

  28. more i see of it the more i want it.lol.  screen looks very nice. hard to tell on video but no real indication thats its pentile.    “blur” looks great,  some slick effects, fast and smooth too.          would of liked to see some benchmarks rather than speed tests, but im sure there will be plenty when its released.  

    1. Moto devices will never have a lag problem . Those days are history when they used to put 516 of ram in the droid x and droid x2 etc.

  29. I actually use my phone for making calls so I picked the razr. Preordered!! Moto is KING of cellular radios, support, and OTAs.

    1. The call quality of the moto devices are the best. The radios build quality and other stuffs are excellent as well. Moto is the king period.

  30. Anyone hear of the battery life on the Razr?  Looks like a terrific phone…but if the battery life sucks, what’s the point?

  31. Lots of misinformation and internet propaganda on the internet. Very entertaining to read.

    Just thought I’d throw a few things out there about “Moto-Blur”. Many users that have carried a moto-blur phone and switch, end up missing the camera app, alarm clock, browser, messaging app, dialer and contacts. They are vastly superior to vanilla android applications. The ability to re-size widgets, have different profiles and configure multiple app drawers like folders are all blur features. Sure, most of these things can be done by downloading different launchers, new alarm programs, camera apps, dialer, messaging, browser…etc. But, with a moto phone, they are all right there. 

    I’ve carried many different phones, ran all sorts of roms from aosp to sense to blur etc. But a correctly done motorola phone running a blur based rom still is the cleanest and easiest to pick up and go. If it’s giving you performance issues or lag, well, there are MANY different things you can do to fix that. Maybe its time to do a little research on android and figure out what could be causing your performance issue, there may be more to it than just the “blur”.

    Now, if someone would just make a nice, clean calender that can match the quality of what I have on my palm treo 740, I would be happy. Android in and of itself is still not a good business phone.

    1. You broke it down pretty good. I feel Vanilla android is very boring to say the least.

  32. It’s hilarious how people are comparing this phone to the Galaxy Nexus, when GN is clearly a superior phone. RAZR has no competition against the GN. Why? Because it has a better Resolution/Screen, No bloatware, MotoBlur is horrible, and so on and on. Not to mention, Motorola will MOST LIKELY update RAZR to ICS during Spring of next year at the earliest. How do I know? Motorola never kept their promises but kept promising and promising of updates. However, Galaxy Nexus will be up to date every single time there’s an update. How? Google updates Nexus phones directly.  

    1. Why is MotoBlur Horrible? have you used the most recent on the Bionic? And if so what is the worst part? And Bloatware….Titanium Backup works for that….if the GN didnt have ICS it would be Another Samsung POS. Actually it is a Samsung POS, but with an awesome UI. Dont confuse why the GN will be good, Its not because of the Phone, just the UI it comes with.

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