Pigs In Trees Soars Onto Android Market – Bird vs Pig Battle Rages On


Pigs in Trees was released earlier this month in the Android Market and since I had so much fun with it, I wanted to make sure it got your guys’ attention. The game features a bit of a role reversal from Angry Birds, this time putting you in command of pigs in planes that you must guide along the playing field to shoot down the horde of birds trying to take over your HQ.

First thing you will notice are the visuals. Graphics are crisp and bright featuring cartoony hand-drawn sprites that compliment the game nicely. The developers PAN Vision AB really did a great job at adding personality and making Pigs in Trees attractive for all ages (or just big kids like me).

Gameplay involves you drawing a path with your finger while your plane follows along. Combos are the name of the game, so lining up the best shot will take equal parts precision and skill. When swarms of birds fill the screen you will have to take full advantage of the loads of power-ups to collect in order to take them all down.

Pigs in Trees features 4 campaigns with a total of 75 jam packed levels to battle on and you can find the game for free right now in the Android Market. The game has been a little glitchy on some devices although it’s been more than stable on my Evo 3D. Before you leave the developer a negative review make sure to email them first. Remember — the game is free after-all. Have fun!

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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Android Market Version 3.3.11 Now Being Pushed To Devices [Download]

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  1. I dont know what to say… chris chavez, sometimes… your stories are…. i’ll let someone else finish this…

    1. terribly written?

      1. I like sexy better.
        Dont ever change Chris!!!

        1. I only change for the better xD

          And thanks, Spencer! 

          1. they’re great! Thanks for the pictures, and the youtube video. I totally didn’t even read a single word of the article, and got the entire gist of it….

            chris, write the article on the transformer prime. :) SexySquared


    1. Best comment so far !

  3. i hate this game. it is incredibly unexciting. if i want a flight game, i’ll play flight director

    1. But there’s no pigs…. o_O

      1. touche salesman…

        1. Harry Plopper!

  4. This sorta reminds me of Rocket Bunnies…try it out. One of my favorite Android games.

    1. I’m on it! :D

      UPDATE: Played Rocket Bunnies and it’s AWESOME. May have to feature it tomorrow :))

      1. Someone reviewed Rocket Bunnies here months ago…. Unless you wanna do it again. 

  5. Why don’t they ever demo these games on a phone that we might actually care about? 

  6. Another rip off from anhry birds. Rovio should sue these guys.

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