Original Galaxy Tab Getting Android 2.3.5 Upgrade through Verizon


The Samsung Galaxy Tab attempted to do what no other tablet would: take on the iPad head-to-head. That first 7-inch offering didn’t topple Apple’s place atop the Tablet heap, but its release marked the beginning of the onslaught of Android tablets from all manufacturers that we see today. Samsung has since followed up that noble effort with a series of Galaxy Tabs, and most recently announced a new 7-inch slate to replace the original. But there is no love lost, at least for Verizon subscribers. The carrier has just posted the release notes of an Android 2.3.5 update headed towards the Galaxy Tab. It’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, nor is it even Honeycomb, but it is a bit more than what many might have expected. Improvements abound, check the source link for the full changelog.

[via Verizon]

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  1. Hey T-Mo, can you show me some update love for my SGT too?

  2. Tmobile where’s the love at?

  3. Why not v3.2? It officially supports 7″ Tablets…. Or is Samsung going to skip 3.x in favour of 4.0? They already have Google’s source code for it.

  4. @T-Mobile users, has the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab (orginal 7″) ever had an update? I use one as a test device, and it appears to still be on the original firmware. Mine also has a bug where Bluetooth randomly freezes requiring a reboot.

  5. I don’t think AT&T ever updated either.

  6. I <3 my Galaxy Tab (VZW) and use it every single day. If Samsung would get off their ass and update it to 3.0 or even ICS, I would use it for the next couple years hands-down. With my car mount, it's the ultimate GPS navigator, Streaming music source and podcast tool. And since it's 3G, I never have to worry about not getting data no matter where I'm driving. With the voice commands ability, I barely even have to touch the thing. Honeycomb or ICS could only be better. But I paid $200 for this thing on contract a year ago so it's not like I can just go out and get the NEW 7.0 tab or 7.7 tab (which won't fit in my current RAM mount).

    Samsung, I really hope you're listening and paying attention. We love your devices. Please support them.

  7. Shame on sammy!!!

  8. Answer to all your problems: X.D.A

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