Internal Verizon Document Confirms Motorola Droid RAZR Launch Date


Amid strong rumors and speculation of an early November release, the Motorola Droid Razr launch date has finally been confirmed via the above Verizon internal document. The Razr is set to launch on November 10th on Verizon Wireless for $300 with a 2-year agreement. If you don’t feel like upgrading, the device can be purchased for the full price of $650 sans contract.

As a refresher, the device features a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, 1GB of RAM, kevlar reinforced body measuring in at only 7.1mm thick and full compatibility with Verizon’s disgustingly fast 4G LTE network. Did you guys pre-order yet? With so many great choices on Verizon this holiday season, are you holding out for something different?

[Via Droid-Life]

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  1. waiting for nexus…

    1. Waiting for CES before I start a new contract

  2. I’m holding for the “something different”…I’ll give you one guess as to what that is :)

    1. i think we all knew that the DROID line was going to get priority over a “niche” device like the nexus….lol

      1. Yeah…there’s probably not many people out there that would wait another whole week to get a silly phone from some guy named Sammy :)

        1. a shiver just went down my spine thinking about a re-born pink RAZR :(

  3. I did pre-order, but I’m thinking of canceling as I have a D2G and want to keep my keyboard, and the Droid 4 looks very promising for that.

  4. Where the heck is the nexus launch date for the us?

  5. Ordered.

    No cheap plastic for me!

    1. Amen!

  6. Waiting to play with both… still undecided.

    1. Sounds like a pick up line

  7. At $300 w/ contract they can keep it. I’ll wait for a more reasonable price.

    1. if your contract is up and Amazon pulls one of those “penny for a phone” deals for new customers only…can you cancel your service and 5 minutes later get the deal? :)

      1. You sure can do that but if you have unlimited data you will lose it.

        1. aw damn you’re right….i’m still blowing through 3-4GB of data on unlimited paying the equivalent of a 2GB plan.

  8. waiting for nexus. They wont give a date until razr launches i bet. So all the dumbys buy it on the basis that its the next DROID and MOTO RAZR. :-P gay

  9. I certainly dont want anything labled with the RAZR branding after the original Moto RAZR’s. I got so fed up with my RAZR that i tee’d it up on the golf course and shattered it. Plus, the Galaxy Nexus is the phone to get

  10. Nexus = cheap plastic, bad design, lacking updated specs. Razr = Thinnest smartphone, best build quality, will get ICS soon.

    1. Nexus = HD screen, OMAP 4460, ICS on board, NFC, removable battery
      Razr = qHD, OMAP 4430, no ICS until 2012 Q2, no NFC, fixed battery

      It’s easily Nexus > Razr for me.

      1. HD screen is a moot point when it’s Samoled minus pentile. The Razr has Samoled PLUS. Removable battery is moot…it doesn’t have removable storage…Razr does. The processors are practically the same. NFC is far from a must have feature.

        1. What the heck is moot?? ps- my opinion, cant tell you how many times ive relied on pulling the battery for a reset on my dx…im hoping for anyone who gets the razr they never want a bigger battery, hopefully they’ve improved its life being a fixed one

          1. Moot means the point is not valid. As far as the fixed battery, there will be a reset method, like on the iphone. This phone will not be for those that add huge extended batteries. The battery life is reported to be really good. As for the screens…qHD Samoled Plus and HD Samoled minus, with pentile will prob be equal. The Razr can show content in HD as well, just fyi. Both are good phones. In the end, size and build quality matter most to me.

      2. Also, according to http://dev.moto.com, MOTOROLA’S OFFICIAL DEVELOPER SITE, the RAZR is packing the OMAP 4460. At least have some idea of what you’re talking about before you start posting.

        1. hey dbag, you might wanna confirm that:


          nice job making a comment and then not posting a DIRECT link to your result.

          the RAZR does in fact have the OMAP 4430. Get ur facts straight.

    2. Motorola RAZR = Verizon bloatware/crapware & Moto Blur
      Nexus = Pure Google goodness

      1. Nexus = Pure Samsung fail. There, fixed that for ya!

  11. These Motorola phones just do nothing for me. I don’t know exactly why, just not feeling it. I think maybe it’s the UI more than anything.

  12. if t-mo bites the dust and gets ‘merged’, this is my next phone.

    if you’re a perpetual city dweller, they’re all good.

    out in the thin tower area, MOTO devices have the best radios, hands down.

  13. Bionic is just fine for me.. Don’t need to have the LATEST ever month. If you chase the latest and greatest every time it drops you will be forever pissed and buying a new phone..

    Plus no removable battery?? Really?? If i wanted and iphone i would buy one..

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