Asus Confirms Quad-core Transformer Prime Tablet For November 9th Launch?


Asus may have outed the launch date of the Transformer Prime in a couple of internal quarterly figure slides leaked today. The images seem to confirm the already rumored November 9th launch date for the Nvidia “Kal-El” packing, quad-core tablet. You may have noticed the mention of ICS in the slide but more than likely Asus is talking about an Android 4.0 update. I mean, there’s no way the Transformer Prime could be the first device to launch with Ice Cream Sandwich… right?

Also leaked in the slides was mention of 2 more tablets (most likely the Padfone and __?) looking to launch sometime in Q1 of 2012. The Eeepad Transformer Prime seems to be the real focus for the company in 2011 with the tablet to account for 85% of the company’s 1.6 million total volume of devices to ship later this year. You guys ready for the Transformer Prime?


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  1. I wonder how much the experience can be tailored to 4 cores?

  2. whats the price range for this thing? i haven’t really jumped on the tablet craze after the xoom 4g upgrade fiasco. the OD transformer seems to have gotten speedy updates so i just might pick this thing up

    1. Rumored to be $500.

      1. Asus will be the geek RAGE if they manage to do it at $399

        1. 500 for something like this is still RAGE worthy. I’ve been wrong before, buy I can’t see this being 600, 700, 800 – that’s competing too closely with either Zenbooks.

      2. with keyboard? that would be nice

  3. Start with the pre-orders! I’m selling my HTC Flyer and buying this as my Xmas present to myself.

  4. Put a cell radio in it, Asus!

    1. don’t, Asus!

  5. I’m just curious as to what the price will be, especially if you get the keyboard dock. I just checked out the official website for this thing, and it definitely looks pretty sweet, but I have a feeling I won’t be able to afford it, especially since I’m gonna be putting a Galaxy Nexus in my pocket in the coming weeks.

  6. They confirmed quad core at the All Things D in HK a few weeks ago.

    1. But no date, which is now rumored for November 9th.

        1. No, that link you gave said it will be officially revealed on the 9th and the last sentence says that hopefully a LAUNCH date will be revealed before then, which now looks to be one and the same; Novemeber 9th for launch date and official reveal. But semantics aside, doesn’t really mean we can actually buy it next Wed. PR lingo is tricky.

          1. We actually confirmed that the November 9th date would happen in Taipei with Asus directly. Also, if you check the source article for this post there is an additional link to an earlier article confirming November 9th. I guess I was just surprised the main take away was november 9th when there was confirmation of new tablets in the slides above.

          2. cause its phandroid.. not windows

          3. I see what you mean – but even the source link of this article that linked the Nov 9th date was still guessed wondering if that was a global launch or not. But, regarding not mentioning the other tablets in this article, yea, Bryan is right – its no relevance to Android, so it was omitted.

            Hey, either way, I’m happy to know its coming out so soon. Wondering why the price reveal isn’t happening if it’s being released next week, though.

  7. mmmm…..xmas present?

  8. O_O the power of quadcores. scary processing power

  9. Only problem with the date is that these days, “launch” doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than announce. Do we have any inkling that it will actually be available Nov 9?

  10. wonder if they’ll take my advice and throw a dual camera on the Memo and be the first to do 3D video-chatting…

    1. can’t think of anything more useless…

  11. Not a fan of the honeycomb OS, its too slow, and I’m not a fan of the design, it just uscg the same quality of the ipad OS,which is stupidly boring, so I would never buy one.but enough ranting, someone wake me up when the tablet OS catches up to the phone OS

  12. Hoping to score this and the original for xmas?

  13. im done with tablets there dumb

    1. you mean they’re

    2. Wait for Windows 8. I think those will actually be really useful.

      1. You are funny

  14. Chuck Norris has it.

  15. Well available where? I think Google won’t allow them to launch this with ICS before the Galaxy Nexus, that’s probably why they have the update ready, but won’t ship it until they day after the Galaxy Nexus will be released. Depending on the price this might well be my X-mas present.

  16. Gonna have to wait til they update it to 4.0, or see which Tablet comes out it out the box.

  17. “The Eeepad Transformer Prime seems to be the real focus for the company in 2011 with the tablet to account for 85% of the company’s 1.6 million total volume of devices to ship later this year.”

    I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the first Transformer here, as the title says “results” in the image and 2011 is almost over. :-)

  18. I want this thing for the family. The only thing holding me back is the educational apps that the iPad has. One of the main reasons for me to get a tablet is for my daughter to learn. I have seen the commercials for the iPad 2 with all of the education software. I just have not seen the same level with Android.

    I hope I am wrong because this will blow the iPad out of the water. Unfortunately, the iPad has one heck of a strangle hold on the tablet world right now.

    Apps needed:
    Learning to read
    Learning math (where they have to right the number on the tablet)
    Learning to write (writing letters and words on the tablet)

  19. Kinda tempted to get this when it comes out to help me wait for the Galaxy Nexus that they’re dragging they’re feet with.

  20. No purchase till icecream sandwitched!

  21. Wait till it gets released at 800 bucks a pop

  22. To the writer of the headlines: Please stop finishing your headlines with a question mark after using “…so and so confirms….”
    It confuses me.

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