Oct 31st, 2011

If there’s one thing that I hate it’s Snooki and screen glare. Okay, that was two things — but it needed to be said. When it comes to screen glare, there’s nothing that frosts my weenie more. Doesn’t matter if it’s on my phone or laptop, screen glare has the ability to make my digital life increasingly difficult. Thankfully, Nippon Electric Glass Co Ltd is here to save the day and what they’ve come up with is a glare-free glass that is almost completely invisible to the naked eye. You can see in the included images exactly what I’m talking about.

The technology behind the glass is a little difficult for me to understand. Something about an anti-reflection film on each of the front and back sides of the “glass substrate” that allows for 99.5% of light to pass thought it where as normal glass only allows for 92%, reflecting a good 8% back at the viewer. What I know is this: I fully expect Google to deliver this in the Nexus Four. Nuff said.

[Via TechOn]