Google+ Updated In The Android Market – Adds New UI And Features


With the upcoming launch of Ice Cream Sandwich some Google apps are already seeing a transition to the all new Android 4.0 UI (love it or hate it) and Google+ is no exception. The app was updated today in the Android Market and features the usual bug fixes as well as the revamped ICS UI.

Also added is the ability to actually sign-out of the app (something I’ve been asking since the app’s inception). You can also look forward to battery life improvements and an easier to navigate UI complete with the ability to now add people to a circle, from a circle profile. You can download the new and improved Google+ from the Android Market right now.

Oh — and feel free to add me to one of your circle’s if you’d like. Cheers!

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Ok these updates that get rid of all my settings is getting annoying but thank you

  2. No ability to see who +1’d a post? Or the ability to +1 sub posts? That’s disappointing.

  3. It also appears to take up less space and memory which is great got people with crappy phones like me. Samsung Gravity Smart

    1. This ^

      htc desire..

  4. Anybody else notice the ICS screenshots on the G+ page in the market?

  5. Hey look! The widget is gone…..

    1. The widget is there, I tested on my Transformer. Two of them actually. One like Twitter widget (but scrollable instead) and one like Youtube widget from Honeycomb, but for Google+ photos.

  6. Love the new look but what happened to the widget?

  7. Weird after update it won’t open. Sensation user

  8. It also added google apps compatibility (wasn’t working when google+ for google apps was released last week)

  9. What happen to the widget?!

  10. I want my damn Widget back google >:o

  11. The widget is gone and when I clicked open in the market it says the app is not there. I think they are having technical difficulties.

  12. Won’t update? My EVO 3d won’t update g+ I click the link hit update it keeps force closing When I attempt to update!?

  13. It has Slovak language, but it isn’t available from Slovakia. What kind of sick logic is that?!

    1. hehe you made me laugh :)

  14. Ok the new ICS-ish UI is cool, but im getting lots of FCs .

    1. just be sure to report them :) and perhaps a reboot might fix it too, worked for me

  15. Clowns, sit down and read your manual for 6 hours,before you cry wolf..dear o dear!

  16. I did add you to one of my circles… still waiting for you to post more than once a month. How about a regular updates of things that frost your weenie?

  17. Force closes on a nexus S. How is this even possible?

    1. Uninstall and reinstall mine worked as soon as I updated but there may be a problem with yours.

    2. I rebooted my Nexus S Tmobile and it was ok, I hope that works for you

  18. Wont open just force closes on my Samsung galaxy prevail

    1. reboot phone
      seemed to have fixed that problem for me

      1. same here, reboot fixed it.

        1. Still did it even after a reboot of the phone. The prevail is running 2.2.2 if that matters any

          1. I’m sorry to hear that, and I hope they fix it for you soon :(

  19. FC’d after first loading it and now the widget is gone and I can’t re-add it.

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