Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now Listed as Available Nov. 17 via Amazon UK


Yesterday the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was listed to be available as early as November 2nd through Amazon.co.uk. Today the supposed release date has changed. The 16GB SIM-free version of the Galaxy Nexus is now listed for a November 17th availability. Both Amazon’s official listing and that of a third-party reseller have changed to reflect the date. The good news? No more is the £730.15 price tag that accompanied the promise of a release on the 2nd of next month. Now the GNex is retailing for  £549.99 no matter who you buy it from.

[via Amazon.co.uk | Thanks, Dave!]

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  1. If you have Amazon Prime (USA) will it work for Amazon UK?

    1. No I just tried to get it shipped to here and it said that they can’t do that.

      Edit: This is the shipping cost to Texas if you click on the other listing:

      Postage & Packing: £49.99

  2. They’re popping up all over Ebay too. Interesting is that they are showing a 32GB Verizon version.

    1. The part I thought was crazy on Ebay was that they said it would ship Oct31 to Nov1st. That is next week and would love to see how that would happen.

  3. If I bought it from them, will it work on AT&T ?

    1. It should work on AT&T and T-mo 3G bands.

  4. Is this, with HSPA+ or whatever those extra bands were or is it without?
    Because I don’t need the extra bands.

  5. So if the conversion site I used is correct this is only $764.10! So affordable for AT&T users. This is just crazy. Verizon exclusivity is a major let down. If I buy Android, it has to be a Nexus. I guess Google wants me to purchase the iPhone 4s. Bit my tongue. This is disheartening. My Nexus One is on its last leg.

    1. I would wait until November 10th to 17th to see if it will be sold in the U.S. and remember Verizon’s is a “carrier” exclusive so that doesn’t mean that Best Buy won’t carry an AT&T/T-mo compatible version.

  6. I might have to order one if it’s that cheap :O

    1. £549.99 is cheap?

      1. yeah, it’s too expensive for the phone
        UK£ 549.99 = 887.903856 U.S. dollars

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