Oct 25th, 2011

It seems these digital watches are becoming all the rage these days. After Sony Ericsson launched their LiveView accessory to little fanfare, Motorola decided they wanted to one-up them with the MOTOACTV. But yet another competitor has stepped into the fold.The company’s name is i’m and their product’s name is the i’mWatch. Sounds odd, right? We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover though.

The i’mWatch makes use of the Android operating system to create the “smart watch” experience that’s looking more and more exciting as OEMs take on the idea. You can receive and accept calls from the watch as well as read text messages.

Another area they hope to have the other products beat in are apps. Their app store (called the i’market) will house a number of apps adapted for the small display. Facebook, Twitter, weather and more are just a few of the obvious we imagine will be on there. They also have i’music, a music subscription service that’ll allow you to listen to millions of songs on the go.

The watch also looks good aesthetically. i’m is all about style and they bring a simplistic but elegant design with the i’mWatch. They’re aiming to come to market with the four great designs you see below. Depending on its price (which, alongside a launch date, has yet to be announced) this could be a hit.

I know I’d consider it if the price is right. But with their emphasis on it being a premium product, we somehow feel this one won’t be easy on the piggybank. Watch the video above. [Thanks Josh!]