HTC to Drop Beats at November 3 Press Event, HTC Rezound Unveiling Likely


Beats Audio looks to play a key role in many of HTC’s upcoming high-end Android devices, one of which will be the long-rumored HTC Rezound (Vigor). That device is rumored to launch in early November on Verizon, and wouldn’t you know, HTC has sent out invites to a press event scheduled for the 3rd in NYC. The Beats logo features on the invite, raising further the possibility that the Rezound will be formally unveiled. As always, we will be providing live coverage and first impressions of everything HTC has to throw at us, so mark the date.


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  1. finally!

  2. I want an HTC Vigor…I can’t wait…

  3. When I read the title- I thought you were implying that HTC was dropping Beats LITERALLY.

  4. does anyone know if HTC is planning to have BEATS type speakers in the headset or is it only fully realized through capable headphones/buds?

    1. Yes, according to the leaks and the cases, the Vigor will have a larger than normal speaker opening on the back that requires a large opening in cases. Supposedly the Vigor is to be there flagship Beats phone, regardless of the HTC Sensation XL (I think thats why they named it that too)

  5. Name-wise, I’m not sure which is worse; “Rezound” or “Galaxy Nexus”.
    HTC meeting – “I know guys! We’re going to make a nicely-specced phone, and let’s see who can come up with a name so stupid, that it will annoy people! Google went with the brand-recognition route to incorporate ‘Galaxy’ into their phone, because, you know, what the hell would Google know about advertising? Now WE are going to come up with something even more annoying and obnoxious, I know! We’ll call it the “rezound” and spell it with a ‘z’ so it looks like we’re being clever!”

    1. Name-wise, Rezound is worse.

    2. I am not calling this phone that name. Everyone knows it as the Vigor, I’m calling it the Vigor.

    3. nexus is the appropriate name….one of the definitions is “center of a matter or situation” – nothing like a flagship device to dispaly the capabilities of a new OS which is ICS

      1. Yes, it certainly is. I know what the definition of “nexus” is.
        If you read and understood my entire post, you would’ve understood that I’m not happy about the incorporation of the “Galaxy” into the Nexus name; hence the “brand-recognition” and the sarcasm about Google and advertising.

        1. galaxy makes even more sense….being the center of the galaxy by which all others revolve around and are impacted by.

          1. LOL. Wow. Okay, I’m not even going to touch that, it’s just…*facepalm* As a physicist and a person who doesn’t post on comment boards to argue with people (I am more of a conversationalist, I don’t worry myself over what ‘some guy on the interwebz said’), I am not going to completely rip that post to shreds or comment any further.
            Instead, I will simply ask: How strong is that stuff, is it legal there, and how much do you pay for it?

          2. your post was about making fun of how they came up with names and mine was about making a 2 second guess as to why it makes sense. i’m envious of the people that get paid millions to come up with ridiculous names. they have it made. call it blackhole for all i care.

          3. Ah, I didn’t realize you were being facetious. After the post about the Galaxy, I thought you were higher than a GPS satellite.

          4. yet here you are debating it anyway. way to go on contradicting yourself and looking every bit the clown you’re accusing everyone on these boards of being.


    4. I cant beleive people like you whine about names.

  6. @Patrick – you do realize that beatboxing/rapping is not “literally” dropping beats. That would require someone to drop a pair of dre’s headphones

    1. Yea- just my initial reaction… thinking like HTC was selling Beats or just not putting it on their phones!

  7. I really hope the Galaxy Nexus is everything I’ve hoped for because I don’t want to have to choose between the Rezound and the RAZR. I think they’ll both be decent devices, but they also both have some major drawbacks.

  8. Beats is owned by Monster Cable..
    That’s all you need to know.

    1. Really? I was pretty sure that when HTC bought 51% of beats shares that beats was owned by HTC

  9. I agree with the bulk of the comments. There are only two acceptable names for this phone. Vigor or Incredible HD. Either would have been fine with me. Yes, Beats has changed HTC’s nomenclature, but I preferred the emotion-evoking names (Incredible, Sensation, Bliss, Passion, etc.) to the music-based (Rhyme, Rezound)

  10. Is this the Android I am looking for?? Galaxy Nexus, Razr and Rezound… Which one shall I choose? Nexus and Razr both have major draw backs! Will the Rezound step up and offer what the others could not? Hey HTC the door is open and we all really need you to come through!

  11. I was going to buy one, but after finding out beats is more of a marketing gimmick than anything I may not. If they don’t do anything on the hardware side, like put a better DAC or do something other than a glorified eq, I’m not going to buy it. Why did they spend all that money just to put a logo on it and have an eq? I have an eq option because of gingerbread.

  12. I’d buy an Htc Deez Nuts if it was a nice phone. I’d even put it near my face.

  13. Want! But I’ll call it the Incredible 3. :-P

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