Motorola DROID RAZR to Have Official Software Unlock, But Carriers Decide Bootloader Fate


Motorola has confirmed that they will be making it possible to officially unlock your DROID RAZR bootloader. Unlocked phones internationally will come with the functionality, but they stressed that this feature will only be available at the carriers’ discretion.

Yes, that means Verizon will likely opt out of offering it to their customers. While unlocked bootloaders would have been great, the community has found great workarounds so that it’s no less easy to apply ROMs and customize the phone than any other phones. Let’s hope the same rings true for the DROID RAZR. [via AusDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Translation = All bootloaders will be locked!!

  2. I think it is BS that Moto is passing the buck to VZW. We all know that VZW is evil but they allow unlocked devices from HTC, Samsung and LG so why would they only disallow them from Moto?

    Here’s the Phandroid article that shows VZW saying unlocked bootloaders are fine:


    1. Allowing people to activate devices with unlocked bootloaders isn’t the same as selling devices with unlocked bootloaders.

      1. but, the DO sell devices with unlocked bootloaders, so what;s your point?

        1. I was responding to the specific statement that Raj linked to. It makes no comment about selling of devices with unlocked bootloaders.

          Additionally, I don’t think they do currently sell any unlocked phones or phones with manufacturer-supported unlock tools (regardless of what they may have done in the past).

          Lastly, the RAZR announcement included a comment that it would be allowed to have HD Netflix streaming due to additional security features. It’s not unreasonable to speculate that having a locked bootloader was a prerequisite mandated by Netflix for the HD streaming. If this is the case, it would only apply in North America, allowing international carriers to carry an unlocked version without sacrificing functionality.

  3. I once complained to my provider that they were selling SIM-locked devices.
    The rep told me that it was not their fault, it was because manufacturer were sending them SIM-locked devices (as if they never asked for it).

  4. What about the atrix 2 and unlocking it’s bootloader. The razr isn’t the only phone out there from motorola or maybe the other ones just don’t matter.

  5. HUGE news. Verizon has said before that they allow unlocked boot loaders (check the other comments for direct link.) If it is a do-it-yourself deal that requires a moto software download then the 95% of the average joes owning the RAZR will still have locked bootloaders and have protection. The other 5% will be able to unlock and toy with phone settings at their leisure.

    I will absolutely buy this phone over the gorillaless nexus if verizon provides approval on this publically

    1. Looks like you’ll be getting the Nexus then :)

    2. gorillaless nexus? it was confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus would have gorilla glass if that’s what you’re referring to. there’s a thread about it over in the GNex section.

      1. The Samsung rep quoted as saying that it would have gorilla glass didn’t know what he was talking about. They can’t make gorilla glass for a curved-glass screen. See Nexus S. The nexus screen will need a screen protector.

        Need further proof? A quick stop at the corning site will confirm the Galaxy Nexus isn’t carried. The RAZR showed up the day of the announcement.

        A screen that can be scratched ruins it for me personally.


        1. i’ve heard all kinds of mixed reports regarding this, including people mentioning that just because it has a curved display doesn’t mean it can’t have GG because there is one (also mentioned at thread). i’ll wait until there’s a clear statement either from Google or Samsung on the matter. regardless, i ALWAYS throw a screen protector on my phone, including my international SGS2 which does have GG.

          1. I sent an email to corning support for clarification. We will see. The fact that they didn’t list the GS but did list the RAZR raises some flags.

          2. i completely agree with you there, it does.

          3. welp it was just confirmed by Corning that there’s no GG on the GNex mate =/ oh well.

  6. Translation: ching,ching says big red(bloods) Verizon and death star big blue(crips) AT&T

  7. No removable battery.. No Thank You!

  8. maybe I’m an idiot but can somebody tell me what the big deal is with locked bootloaders?

    1. its so motohaters can have a reason to moan lol.

    2. because of it there wasnt a way to tinker with the kernel. now theres 2nd init which makes things a lot better. in reality it isnt a huge deal. a vast majority of the people counldnt care less.

      1. Ha thanks I had a feeling that was the issue that you couldn’t customize it the way you want to. The non removable battery is my issue. When it ever freezes thats the first thing i go for. Without that I dunno what I would do.

      2. Hell, even before 2nd init development and ROMs for the Droid X1 were there.

        Like I said before, since the Droid X1…custom ROMs and custom kernel are becoming a thing of the past for me. The software and hardware keeps getting better n better for Android phones.

        All I really want and use is root now.

  9. Article posted in xda news about this today makes this illegal for Verizon to do this. According to the article Verizon has to follow regulations regarding the purchase of the type of spectrum used by certain handsets. If I read it correctly, Verizon will have some explaining to do.

  10. Honestly, I love this phone. It looks awesome and much better than gnex to me.. however I’m concerned, because I do seem to have to discharge my phone and soft reset it occasionally…how would this be done with the Droid razr? I’m probably going with the rezound but I’m still curious.

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