All Clear: Verizon WILL Allow Unlocked Bootloaders on Their Network


Remember that article I posted a couple of hours ago about a Verizon rep who said that phones with unlocked bootloaders weren’t allowed on their network? Yea, they said that was a mistake. Stand down, folks.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I hate the English Nazi’s…But dude, it’s “allowed” not “aloud”

    1. lol you beat me to it, i was about to say that ha

      1. I love you, Carmen.

        1. I love you, Android787.

    2. “Nazis”, not “Nazi’s”

      1. lol. that’ll sting a bit

        1. Actually the plural of “Nazi” is Nazum and the adjective form is Nazistic. Furthermore, the adverb of “Nazi” is Nazily.

          For example: “Look how those troops are Nazily invading Poland!”

      2. Totally busted! English Nazi’s? That’s like saying that the English language belongs to the nazies. However, even then, that still doesn’t make sense. (I chose not to capitalize nazies, because that gives them too much credit.) 

  2. I didn’t think that made any sense <– as the Thunderbolt  doesn't have an encrypted bootloader, or the Fascinate, just the Moto phones. If Motorola could just stop encrypting their bootloaders, I would be even happier. Having owned both Moto and HTC phones, I have to say that, for the most part, Moto phones are better made. Both my TBolt and an off-contract EVO I bought from a neighbor last year get their audio asses kicked big time by a Droid (1 or 2, take your pic). I thought that the TBolt would have a killer (for a phone) sound system, but I use a D2 to listen to music when I'm shaving and getting dressed. The TBolt doesn't even come close. I do like HTC, they just need to address the speakers and audio recording when shooting a video (THAT'S an exercise in futility). I would also like to find the idiot who designed the battery cover on the Thunderbolt and kick him in the balls. Apparently, the root community is good bit more than the 1-2% that people claim, especially now, when people like me show other people what they can do with a rooted phone, and they tell a few friends, and so on, and so on…

  3. aloud <-D

    I think Quentyn was just screwing with us on that one…

  4. saying that aloud shoulnt be allowed. :)

  5. Hooray!

  6. Sorry folks. Wrote this quickie while on a conference call, screws weren’t as tight as they should have been.


  7. Uh oh, someone at Verizon got in trouble and/or fired for that slip up.

  8. Remember when VZW claimed they were opening up their network?  If that were actually true, there would have been no “confusion” in the 1st place.  What happened to those promises of being able to bring any device to their network.;content

  9. Super.    That was exactly what I wanted to have happen.  phandroid has forced Verizon to state that there’s no reason NOT to root your phone other than the ineffectual warranty police.    I can continue to enjoy lean, mean Cyanogen goodness.

    I don’t much care that I lose the warranty support because it’s easy enough to revert back to the phone’s original state.  Score one for freedom.

  10. This makes sense since the OG Droid had unlocked bootloader is the most popular phone for roms

  11. I am not suprised that VZW clarified their stance on this. They would likely ruin afoul of the FCC on this issue. Remember that Verizon is required to allow any compatible device on their LTE network as part of their purchase of the 700 mghz spectrum.

  12. I’m back Verizon. Now get a version of the Sensation so I can have a choice between that and the GSII

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