Droid RAZR Gets Equipment Guide Entry, Landing Page


Verizon is gearing up for the launch of their Motorola Droid RAZR, which if rumors hold out to be true will be on Big Red’s shelves by the end of the week. The phone has appeared in VZW’s equipment guide, giving us one last look at its specs. The document comes courtesy of DroidLife (visit the source link below to view). Nothing new is revealed by the entry, but its appearance is a good sign for those eagerly awaiting the uber-thin handset. Another good sign? The launch of a Droid RAZR landing page over at DroidDoes.com. The site gives yet another overview of major features and offers would-be buyers the opportunity to sign up for email alerts. We also get another good look at the RAZR’s stylish design. It’s a shame every phone doesn’t look this good.

[via DroidDoes, DroidLife]

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  1. locked bootloader who cares? why not just buy iphone 4s if its got locked bootloader??

    1. Because this is thinner?

      1. Because it’s not an iphone?

        1. the point of android is openness moto hasn’t been up since og droid i’m saying if your gonna get something thats not open get a apple product atleast it works well. ima get a nexus i got droid 2 and my og droid was better than than the 2nd i will never buy moto product again

          1. If an unlocked bootloader makes or breaks your decision to buy an android phone or an iphone.. you should probably just go buy an iphone.

          2. or buy a phone that doesn’t have locked boot loader and is pure android hmmmm maybe that would make a lot sense. Just saying wouldn’t it be nice to have a phone that can use custom roms easy. Also i want big screen so wouldn’t want a iphone ne way.

          3. Not everyone who likes android likes the mod scene.

          4. Mikes comment makes no sense at all.

    2. And because its Android…where is your head sir!?

  2. Cuz this is not an iPhone.. And o this is Android country :)

    1. i wanna nexus but i guess if u dont want openness u can get this but just saying get an iphone if u dont want openness

  3. Looks like it won’t be out this week. DroidDoes has it listed as “breaking cover in November.”

  4. Why no Universal docks, Motorola docks should have the ports in the same place & have a piece of plastic that can be changed for different sized phones, like that ipod/iphone docks do.

    1. cause it ain’t no iPhone son, get outa here and stop comparing houses to bricks.

  5. Does this mean the nexus won’t be out for 15 days past the razr to cover the return policy window?

    1. unfortunately

    2. Most likely. I will probably hold off until after the weekend to get the Razr. Spec wise, it is identical to the Galaxy Nexus. It just doesn’t have ICS yet. I can play with it for 2 weeks and then make a decision when the GNex comes out.

      1. You’ll be waiting a bit longer than that to buy one. My sources in china say a release this soon is impossible. They’ve been wrong once before though….

      2. It’s not identical to Nexus in hardware either. qHD vs HD, 4430 vs 4460 processor, fixed vs removable battery. Nexus is slightly better.

        1. The Razr has Super Amoled+, the Nexus has Super Amoled-, with Pentile. Nexus is cheap plastic. I’d rather have a fixed battery, than no removable storage. The processors are confirmed to be identical. To call the Nexus even slightly better, is silly.

          1. G Nexus is super amoled HD, and there all pentile dumbass(pentile isnt a bad thing anyway). The processors arent the same, moto confirmed it was a 4430, same as the D3, bionic, and every other new moto phone

          2. Super Amoled HD is no better than Super Amoled + qHD….both can display HD content. As far as the processors, I couldn’t care less. Even if they are not exactly the same, you will not know the difference. Get a life and stop splitting hairs.

          3. Tim, you do realize that the Droid Razr has a super amoled screen and not a super amoled + screen? I have seen NO mention of a + on the specs anywhere for the razr. Spec wise the GN is better then the Razr, you can’t argue that 4460 + better screen + ICS w/ Hardware acceleration means that the phone will run in full HD just as well as the Razr will run without it, or it’ll run better. Now aesthetics wise the Razr wins hands down. Its really not a choice you can make by comparing spec sheets, its more about what you need the phone to be able to endure/do.
            Edit: Just realized I missed this, the 4460 WILL show an improvement, the GPU in the GN’s is overclocked by about 180 mhz compared to the 4430, and qHD cannot display HD content as it is only a Quarter HD, so it will still be in standard definition.

          4. Tim either way you are seriously misinformed…..or you might just be a fanboy in this case motorola’s in which case ill just stop wasting my time.

          5. I’ve owned nothing but HTC phones since 2008. So, hardly a Moto fanboy. It just sickens me to see you people drool over the Nexus, and trash the Razr. They are both nice, but the nexus has its turnoffs. 1. It’s Samsung 2. Cheap plastic. 3. It’s too damn big, and the Lte version won’t even be thin. 4. They didn’t even make the screen samoled+. That is a major flaw. The Razr is the thinnest smartphone ever. It is not as long as the nexus. It may be the best hardware ever. The screen is Samoled Advanced (+) It can show content in HD. It will get ICS. It is just overall a nicer phone.

      3. Isn’t the latest versions ICS a bonus for GN? With the RAZR, ICS is “sometime at the beginning of 2012” (could be May). Hardware looks so solid on RAZR but ugh, pure Google seems to have it’s perks.

  6. It’s a Motorola, so the camera will suck. They call their program Motoblur for a reason.

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