Compal Latest Android Manufacturer to Sign Licensing Deal with Microsoft


While Apple is bent on destroying Android and its partners through a series of systematic lawsuits, Microsoft has been taking a slightly different, more profitable approach. Concerning their own patents, Bill Gates’ crew has been busy working out licensing deals with various manufacturers. The latest to agree to a percentage with Microsoft is Compal, maker of tablets, ereaders and smartphones, according to a press release issued yesterday. The agreement also covers Google’s other OS, Chrome. The amount MS will be payed per device has not been disclosed, but as we have learned in the past the sums are adding up for the computer giant. Microsoft has also mentioned that they are now making money on more than 53% of all Android phones sold. [Microsoft]

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  1. I seriously liked to know what can MS gain from Google Chrome OS….its really getting ridiculous…

  2. Every time this stuff gets reported Microsoft’s agenda is advanced.

  3. i guess Microsoft will never go bankrupt even after people stop buying there horrible products

    1. Each time they extort money from a company like this, I am further certain that I will avoid their products as much as possible.

  4. Sometimes, I try to imagine what would it be like if the world had no businessmen and lawyers.

    1. we would be in the dark ages. without businessmen who would develop any technology?

  5. If you can’t beat them. Sue them. Or extort them. Same difference

  6. One thing is for certain, that people are tired of Microsofts profiteering (Office, Windows, etc.) and they will go the way of Netscape (who went out valiantly against Microsoft) in relevance to the 21st century…Microsoft = Lack of innovation = lack of customers….I already try to find ways to get discounts on Microsoft products…multiply this action by everyone, and you can quickly see that Microsoft will have to bend to consumer will, much like the Recording Industry is having to bend to the new rules of digital music distribution…

    1. Imagine if everyone stopped buying their products rather than trying to get discounts. Think about it. You’re still feeding them even if you get their products at a discounted rate.

      1. Well its called taking away from their profit, just because one doesn’t like MS doesn’t mean they can kick it out of their life. Job could require windows or something of the sort.

  7. Why does everyone rip on MS? They are on 90+% of the world’s computers. I suppose NONE of you use Windows? I guess you prefer to use that *cough* superior OS *cough* made by the losers in Cupertino? MS is not going anywhere and they’re making infinitely more friends by settling out and taking a small percentage of sales from their competitors than Apple which, just like its megalomaniacal asshole of a now-deceased leader, would sooner Communist its way into your pocket and desktop than play well with others.

    1. this isn’t ripping on windows, this is trashing the concept of one company making mandatory licencing fees for another company’s free, open source software, all because of the fucked up patent system.

    2. Yes, I use that “Superior OS” in the form of Kubuntu on all my computers, Home and Work. And I don’t pay a $0.10 to Microsoft, I haven’t for over 10 years.

    3. haha, is this a joke? MS is now in an antitrust suit with Novell again, and there’s even more evidence before.

      This “MS is the way forward” comment of yours is a hilarious joke.

    4. I like MS and prefer it highly to Mac and Linux. In addition, I don’t hate MS for doing what they are doing either. You don’t always like what is fair but if it belongs to them, pay them for it, period. It bugs the hell out of me how companies lose their minds over licencing fees when they still make millions in profits every year. In the end, they can either pay it or not make smart phones at all because every other option on the market will have you paying to licence it.

  8. I have been successively avoiding to buy ANY product that has relation to M$ software or business tactics since Year 2000 for my personal usage (and family) and I keep telling the same story to my friends. The way M$ is behaving In biology, is called a PARASITE !!!

  9. Microsoft is smarttt….. can’t wait for the prime

  10. the long story just happen again now, remember when microsoft n apple with do it anything agenda to “rip off” linux. now that agenda rolling again

  11. Meh. I really don’t see what the problem is, TBH. MS aren’t stopping anyone from selling Android devices – in fact, with these agreements, it is in their favour that *more* android units get sold! Google wants to cross licence with Apple, but Apple aren’t interested – if they did sign one, it would probably look much like the MS ones, with a small payment per phone going to Apple. At the end of the day, money changes hands and we keep getting cool new phones, and cool new phones is what I care about.

    1. Cool new phones with a raised price tag…

      1. better that than not getting it at all … probably wont even see the price difference in a subsidized phone.

    2. i would like to see microsoft and google team up less lines to cross for technology and complete integration of pc and android

  12. Personally I love Microsoft I just don’t like their phones. Windows is simply the best OS shure, it is locked down but just about everything it compatible with it and, it is very stable. I used to love the old win mobile, I hate the new one with the tiles.

  13. Bill Gates is a joke.And so is micro SHAFT.They have failed at the smart phone market.Infact they had MSN portait video calling working on phones back when i had thee 6.0 and failed to make it main stream.Now the scam money off of others.F bill gates.You are a short joke.Tell your wife if she needs a big dik well you know the rest

  14. Blood suckers…. Hope they’ll burn in hell…

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