Asus Launches Landing Page for Transformer Prime


With the Transformer Prime, Asus looks to take center stage in the Android tablet wares. The slate is thin, it features a quad-core CPU in the form of the NVIDIA Tegra 3, and its release is just around the corner. In fact, the tablet just scored its own product landing page over at ASUS’ website. You’ll have to settle for a tempting taste of the Transformer Prime’s outer bezel and keyboard for now, but hopefully more information will be up soon. ASUS claims to be “setting a benchmark for what tablets should be,” and we have a hard time arguing with that.

[via Engadget]

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  1. looking forward to see this Autobot in action.

  2. anyone want to buy a used TF :)

  3. I love my transformer… I bet this one will be just as nice…

  4. I told my girlfriend yesterday that she was getting my 1st Gen Transformer, she was thrilled! I have an iPad my work gave me to play with but find myself using the Transformer way more, it seems like people who like Transformers have the same passion as those who love their iPads. I am willing to bet that a good percentage of Transformer owners will be jumping on the 2nd Gen Transformer Prime just like those who do the same for iPad.

    I love the Transformer, and ASUS is spot on with a pure Android experience and fastest updates. I am amazed how they beat everyone in pushing updates.

    ASUS has something very special with their Transformer line.

  5. I’m trying to decide if I am going to give my Transformer to the wife and get the Transformer Prime or just sell the Transformer for the Prime and get the wife the Kindle Fire.

    1. Don’t do that to your wife. Look for the 7″ Lenovo instead. Same price without the Amazon lock-in.

  6. After playing with all the tablets, I have to say the best experience was off the Transformer for sure. For awhile, it seemed like the iPad had the best user experience even if it was too simplistic. Any Android tablet not running Honeycomb just plain sucked and the HC tabs from Samsung, HTC and Motorola were all lackluster after playing around with the store demos for awhile. Lo and behold, the Transformer comes along- this is what Honeycomb should be like. It’s so….slick. They did a really good job with the GUI. As soon as I unlocked the screen, added widgets and moved around I was thoroughly impressed. My gf considered getting the iPad, but after handling the Transformer she said she’d rather get that if she were to buy a tablet. It runs flash, it doesn’t look dumbed-down- ASUS deserves kudos on these things. I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about them. I’ve been telling everyone I know to go check it out.

  7. I am glad I waited a bit for a tablet. I finally got a Asus Transofrmer and I must say I have had the BEST user experience with it! I have had it for 4 months and now Im gladly handing it down to someone else to make way for my soon to be new transformer prime! I’m so excited I could just orgasm! lol….kidding. To any of you that want to buy a transformer I say GO FOR IT! Its one of the best tablets out there and with ICS its going to be the best…

  8. beutiful piece of engineering, cant wait to put my hands on it, and forget my beloved transformer :)

    just digging for more information all around the www, and i have found most information on this (official?) forum

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