HTC Posts Updates on Ice Cream Sandwich for their Phones


HTC has provided a quick update via their Facebook page in regards to Ice Cream Sandwich coming to their devices. Essentially, the update provided no update at all as the statement repeats sentiments often put forth by PR folks when questioned on whether or not certain devices will see certain software. For those too lazy to click through, here is the full text:

“Since Google unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich earlier this week, HTC has been looking closely at the new OS’s features and functionality to determine our upgrade plans. We’re a recognized industry leader in providing fast and consistent upgrades to our Android devices (see what Engadget had to say about our upgrades:, and Ice Cream Sandwich will be no different.

Upgrades require a careful balance of hardware and software to ensure the best possible performance and usability, so please stay tuned as we assess our product portfolio. Our goal is to upgrade as many HTC devices as possible and we’ll be sharing details on specific devices and timing in the coming weeks!”

While we aren’t left with any definitive answers in terms of upgrade timing and target devices, it is nice to know HTC wants to remain open about the whole process. It is also nice to know they plan to get Android 4.0 on as many handsets as possible.

[via Facebook]

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  1. Pretty sure any phone with a 1ghz processor can handle ICS with ease. Especially with Nexus One supporting the SDK port of ICS with little to no problems.

    1. agreed. That video was very telling. If unoptimized binaries from the sdk can run that well, a hardware accelerated and phone tailored build will run very well.

      1. In fact, hardware acceleration could very well and mean it’ll work on MORE devices than gingerbread.

        Also, thanks Kevin for this update of an update that provided no update:)

  2. Have any of the other manufacturers come out with a statement like this? It’s nice to see it from HTC, but I haven’t really seen anything from Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc… I’ve always liked HTC, and I think it’s awesome that they’re being this open about it.

    1. I think Samsung said they would have ICS on the Galaxy Nexus pretty soon…

  3. I will believe it when the thunderbolt actually gets 2.3

    1. i’m sure developers will have a custom rom version of ics on the thunderbolt before htc actually gets gb on it officially.

  4. Although I’m running CM7 on my bolt, this is one of the reason I switched to HTC/Verizon. That combination has yielded the best results in terms of Android updates.

    1. How did you get CM7 on your bolt? I looked at devices on the site and it wasn’t listed. Or does that matter?

  5. i doubt i will get it but i hope they update my g2 i feel like getting gingerbread was a bit of a push

    1. I rooted my G1 and had custom ROMs on it, I never bothered with my G2, I couldn’t risk bricking it, and some of the features I rooted my G1 for, tethering, and upgrades weren’t an issue for the most part. I agree Gingerbread on the G2 felt like a bit of a push, and most rumors are that HTCs 2011 phones (G2 was end of 2010) will get ICS. I have a feeling when a stable ICS G2 ROM rolls around I’ll be rooting.

      1. still lots of room for upgrades on the G2…..dont see why it wouldnt get ICS or why it couldnt run ICS smoothly. Rumors are rumors

  6. Fast updates? Tell that to my Tbolt.

  7. but will it be heavily skinned with sense? DO NOT WANT!!

  8. They didn’t fix the low storage bug on Dinc 2.3.4. I doubt they will on 4.

    1. You got 2.3.4 on your DInc? I’m still on 2.2.

      1. wtf is a “dinc”??? lol

        1. HTC Incredible? I don’t know! LOL!

  9. HTC: Best Customer Service on the planet!

  10. I got my HTC Desire gingerbread update in a mintue… BS

  11. Guess I gotta wait another year for ice cream on my mytouch 4g

    1. MT4G is about to reach its EoL

    2. There’s always CyanogenMod 9……..that’s what I’m planning on anyway.

  12. they replied to me on twitter saying the same shit ….all i want is update for the inc 2 thats all i ask for ill take sense 3.0 or .5 at least

  13. htc has been really good with the Evo line of phones.

  14. I hope my glacier sees an official ICS Update with its single core… But it’s not a huge problem considering i’m sure it’ll be a ROM.

  15. ICS on my dinc2 please

  16. CM9 – I’m gettin’ that fo’ sho’!

  17. I’m on

  18. We’re a recognized industry leader in providing fast and consistent upgrades

    Not anymore—- lmao with the latest THunderbolt and the fiasco of HTC Desire…Get your h/w up to scratch then your phones will actually be able to handle major upgrades down the line.

    1. slow updates are not a hardware problem, its a carrier problem….if a person buys a low end HTC phone because theyre cheap or for some stupid reason dont want a contract then thats their problem. my G2 will be good for major updates till im ready for a new phone in about a year or so….with the thunderbolt, have u ever considered that its Verizons fault ?

      1. Dude the HTC Desire was one of the best phones that shaped htc it is today. Obviously you didn’t own one. They didn’t even bother to start porting gingerbread os until everyone went ballistic and started complaining. Their reason was due to the hardware…resulting in a half hearted cooked rom… the phone came out same time as the Galaxy S. The GS is on par regatding updates with the latest phones atm. 2.3.5. No excuses htc apart from their choices in having crap hardware.
        Never again with htc they are falling behind. Like Nokia did with milking the N95 design over and over, HTC are going down that dreaded path with the desire remodeling…

  19. it´s a shame that manufactures are rooling out the system updates in US so slowely. In Europe we get them much faster.. I don´t know why

    1. carriers in the states are the bottleneck

  20. Does the (soon) release of Android 4.0 phones (i.e. GALAXY Nexus and DROID RAZR) mean lower prices for EVO 3D?

    Update: Good to know Android 4.0 will later be released for EVO 3D… :)

  21. Also, why on earth is ICS the only feature everyone’s talking about from Ice Cream Sandwich? It’s not the best feature, there are TONS of others, just saying…

    1. That make no sense at all…

    2. Probably for the same reason GB was the only feature talked about from Gingerbread ;)

  22. Well at least they are ware of the new will NEVER update my gs2. Thsy just dont give a fuck about fans of their devices.

  23. I’m glad they’re being open about this but I really can’t see phones like the Evo 4G getting ICS from HTC. I mean, sure they gave us Gingerbread but not with the newer version of sense, something that doesn’t seem likely in an official update. So if they don’t give us that I don’t think they’ll give us ICS. The other question this raises is will ICS kill custom skins like Sense or will they continue to put them on there? Personally as much as I love sense I might consider switching to stock with ICS. It’ll depend on how it feels after I get a chance to try it outside the SDK.

  24. OT … @Kevin Krause… WTF…calling readers lazy? I don’t get what your point was for that statement. I subscribe to this feed and read via Feedr on Android. Your story was the same as the website’s. Was this an advert ploy to jump to the website to see them?

    Then you reference an Engadget article. Guess I need to dump this site’s feed and just get my feed from Engadget.

  25. I know Engadget was included in a quote.

  26. Hopefully it’ll go better than the expletive-deleted Gingerbread update did on my Inspire; ever since the upgrade, the phone service crashes, to the point where I have to reboot the phone to make or receive phone calls, at least once a day.

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