Galaxy Nexus’ Super AMOLED HD Uses Pentile Matrix, But Who Will Care?


We’ve gotten about as many emails as we can take at this point regarding the display on the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. It is a 4.65 inch Super AMOLED HD display at 720p resolution using pentile matrix technology. Immediately people got their fear-mongering machines out and took to the internet regarding why the Galaxy Nexus was doomed.

Clearly, we felt people were overreacting. We didn’t hear enough reports out of the Galaxy Nexus event to suggest this would be a problem. As critical as our own Rob Jackson was about all that was announced that day, he didn’t mention any real negatives regarding the screen and that’s probably because there probably weren’t any. And the fact that we already knew the Galaxy Nexus would be using pentile matrix a while before the event took place made me even more less inclined to post the story.

While I don’t claim to have extensive knowledge on display technology, there are many out there who do. To gather an idea of how the Galaxy Nexus might stack up to other phones when it launches, PhoneArena compared the Samsung Galaxy Note (which has a 5.3 inch display and a slightly higher resolution than the Galaxy Nexus at 1280×800) to the iPhone 4S, the HTC Titan and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Their conclusion in a nutshell? Unless you were looking at these displays with a microscope, clarity and color aren’t any more issues than anything else on the phone (and from what we hear, there are very few). Images aren’t much less clear and text isn’t much less crisp than the next phone.

In short, everyone’s blowing the issue way out of proportion because the “disadvantages” of using pentile matrix with Super AMOLED HD are really only visible in these testing situations. For the average user and even for you tech buffs, this should be a non-issue in everyday usage. Hit the link to PhoneArena above for a more detailed breakdown of their findings along with some samples.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I do. When pixels aren’t uniform across the panel, there will be a noticeable visual anomaly, no matter how high the DPI is.

    1. I care too. I won’t ever buy a PenTile Matrix phone. It really bothers me.

      1. You should see the phone yourself before making a judgement. There is a BIG difference between a 250ppi pentile display and a 320ppi pentile display. At some point the subpixels are so small that they could put them in any arrangement they like and you’d never notice.

        1. a proper pixel has three subpixels. pentile pixels carry only two subpixels. the effective DPI would be far less.

          1. Can’t be worse than 2/3 the resolution. Can’t be better than 100% of the resolution.

            The effective resolution is somewhere in between.

        2. Really? I would love to be able to enjoy the PenTile layout! The things it has done in the past to Text & objects with sharp edges are really bothersome to me. I will check out the Prime when it comes out regardless! I hope you’re right =)

    2. You notice it regardless of pixel density? That’s called the “placebo effect”.

      1. I agree. It’s called ‘vanity.’ If your naked eye can’t tell, and no one else’s can either, then what is your issue?


        1. I would be willing to bet my paycheck, that if I had 2 unidentified objects…one pentile and one not, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s like a friend of mine who has trouble getting off with the lights on. In your head. If you didn’t know what to look for you would never see it. I can see it on the Bionic, if I look for something to hate. But at the end of the day? It’s a phone. A mobile device. Meant for convenience and a luxury, not to replace your home theater.

          1. Wow, well stated!

          2. I read and work with a lot of text on my phone. Text (especially at smaller sizes) absolutely need to appear as clear as possible. It’s why Microsoft and others decided to apply subpixel rendering on text.
            What’s the point of having all those pixels when the clarity of text is barely comparable to a screen with a smaller resolution? Text on a 3.7″ 800×480 pentile RGBG screen is just as clear as the text on a 3.2″ RGB stripe screen. It is NOT the way forward in screen display technology. OLED is. Better viewing angles is. Pentile is not.

          3. easy solution to your problem.. buy a different phone

          4. @effApple: You make it sound as if money grows on trees.

          5. @Khalid: Have you already bought the phone? no. Spend your money on a phone that doesnt have pentile

          6. @Khalid You make it sound as if a 720p non-pentile display is cheap (or efficient) to manufacture using today’s tech. I’m willing to bet that kind of display would drive a phone’s price way too high that you’d think twice about buying it even if money does grow on trees.

          7. The issue is that pentile always introduces some sort of visual anomaly due to its subpixel pattern. A qHD screen should have the same amount of clarity, if not clearer, without the visual anomalies. Note that the 1280×720 screen used on the GN has the same amount of suubpixels as the iphone 4.

          8. Khalid is like just about every poster on a film review site. He doesn’t feel complete unless he can down something that nobody else gives a damn about. Hell, I’m on the Epic Touch and have no problems with it. In fact, I just fired up Opera, went to a forum I posted, pinched it on down and still have a nice clear text experience.

          9. So, I have an opinion, therefore, my opinion is invalid?

          10. that one does not have pentile :)

      2. It is noticeable. Take the DSi XL for example. Despite the really terrible DPI (76.19), the pixels on the screen don’t even bother me like on a Galaxy S1 or a Nexus One, because each pixel is the same as any other, whereas on a SAMOLED/AMOLED, a pixel isn’t the same as the adjacent ones.

        Simply because you don’t notice it doesn’t mean everyone else who does is a liar. Different people have a different quality of eyesight. It’s like fingerprints.

        1. Well All I can say in response to you is suck it up princess. I have 40/20 vision, I can see the pixels on my SGS pentile display, but funny… It doesn’t bother me. In all fairness, you gotta not sweat the small stuff.

          1. When paying top $$$ for my phones (carriers don’t subsidize phones here), I’d like manufacturers not to skimp on quality just to save some money, and I expect to get what I paid for, not just some fancy garbage just to inflate their numbers on feature lists.

            eg: the 854×480 screens on the Droid 1 and 2 have more subpixels than the qHD screen on the Droid 3. Why did they even bother switching the screen? Simple. They wanted the screen’s resolution to be a selling point.

          2. Then buy a Galaxy S2 and stop your ranting Khalid.
            Most of us don’t care, but you with your superhuman cyborg eyes can see like a hawk spotting mice from the sky.
            What you say will not change the fact that we don’t care if its pentile or not.

          3. @jeff: No keyboard = no buy.

        2. non pentile > pentile
          218 dpi non pentile 4.27″ (SGS II) < 315 dpi pentile 4.65" (SGN)

          And the technology for nonpentile HD 4.65" does not currently exists.

          1. Yes. That’s why they’re resorting to tricks to pump up that number. they couldve easily went for a qHD nonpentile screen, as the GN has the exact same amount of subpixels as the iPhone 4.

            But of course, they’re too worried about looking as if they’re “catching up” with competition so they use pentile so they can appear to be ahead of competition in the eyes of the masses.

          2. Except that a pentile 1280×720 looks better than a real matrix 960×540

          3. How so, when a 3.7″ pentile RGBG 800×480 is as clear as a 3.2″ RGB 480×320 screen?

          4. @Khalid.H Collapse
            It isn’t. It’s way clearer.

          5. You have a point. So what do you feel about the razor’s display? It will be better than this one because of the screen size?

          6. Well, the razr’s screen is confirmed to have a pentile RGBW screen. That, coupled with the lesser screen resolution (960×540), i’d say the GN has the better screen.

      3. I just find it humorous when the x2, photon and bionic were coming out, everyone was on here dumping on pentile. Now that the mighty google flagship is using it, its totally fine, even the title of the article is biasedly defending it. Kinda funny I think.

        Now the fact that it is amoled does make a difference and I’m sure itll look great. Just pointing out my observations.

        You know, we are allowed to find flaws with the almighty holy nexus line.

        1. Ummm… Nice try, but no. If the Nexus had come out with a 800×400 resolution on a 4.65 inch screen and pentile, I guarantee there would be anarchy. But this is a 720p 320ppi screen. AND A CURVED SUPERAMOLED ONE AT THAT!

          Pentile cannot stop that screen from looking gorgeous. Would look even better without Pentile sub pixels? Yes. But even as it is now, it will be the most amazing screen out there.

        2. I do agree with you. Those were sheeps that hate moto because their devices are lock. Now, the pentile in the nexus is fine because it is a dev friendly lol.

    3. The man has his preferences. Leave it be. People make their own decisions with their own money.

  2. Who really cares this isn’t the same PenTile technology that Motorola has used in their phones, people need to get that through their heads, ’nuff said, move on people.

  3. People should wait and see it for themselves, the damn phone doesn’t even have a release date. I just want to know when I can get it

    1. It will be released February.

  4. i just care if this damn phone comes to vzw or not

    1. uhh… isn’t the LTE radio specification enough evidence?

  5. I have a Motorola Photon with a qHD Pentile screen, and I think it’s awesome. I do NOT notice any pixellation, and it’s simply incredible in direct sunlight (important to me since I live in SoCal). I think there’s a relative handful of people with incredibly good near-sight vision who might notice some pixels, but certainly nobody I’ve ever shown my Photon to have ever noticed any problem with the screen.

  6. The Note has a ppi of 277, the Nexus has a pixel density of 320!!! Big difference! You won’t even notice it’s pentile, period. For all the very minor flaws they found on the Note, they will be even less significant on the Nexus.

    1. The resolution counts more than the density. You will see when you compare display with the nexus and the bionic. The razor has higher resolution less density. The nexus lower resolution and more density. You will see it for yourself, which one is better. Moto wins again.

  7. I certainly don’t care. The screen will look better than any other. Samsung makes phenomenal displays.

    1. They do not put enough resolution in it.

  8. Fantastic article Quentyn, concise, professional, and to the point.

    1. More like pandering, hypocritical, and defensive. Like a politician’s spin doctor trying to turn a serious negative into a non-issue. It didnt fool me.

  9. I care more about the old GPU 2007 (first release) this thing is old and pushing that many pixels could ask for problems with performance not too long down the road. But honestly I will just have a look at it before I decide if I’ll get it.

    1. 3300 was quafdrant

  10. I bet you can see pixels on your PC LCD if you look close enough. You even can on 3-5 grand TVs. If you are holding your phone close enough to your face to see this? You need glasses because you look like an idiot with your face smashed against that thing.

  11. Hopefully this is where hardware acceleration can help.

  12. The screen is one of the best points about the phone its crisp and true hd

    1. 100% agree. 1280×720 in a 4.65 inch space is really awesome. My 32″ 720p Samsung HDTV from 2007 is still one of the best screens I’ve seen and I have to get up really close to see any pixels. And it’s not even AMOLED. The screen on this phone is actually better than the HDTV in my apt lol

  13. Witth everyone yelling about how bad they are all i can say is this. While you look for shade so you can view your screen in the sun…I can see my Pentile display without issue. Moto Photon rocks. And yes, I have had several different devices so i know the difference

  14. well then this isn’t the phone for you. The best part about android… different phones.

  15. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    Pentile or RGB or DOT Matrx — Reviews said the screen is awesome!!! I’ll find out for sure after mine arrives. Buying sight unseen, and trusting those that actually handled the device.

    More concerned about battery life than the gorgeous screen (as per all hands-on test I have read)

    1. You know, I’d like to see a dot matrix screen made with current technology. I think that would look sexy, despite the lack of colors.

    2. I agree, everywhere I have read claims the PenTile Matrix displays claim better battery life but lose a little bit of clarity, but none have ever been like this one. We shouldn’t be able to notice a difference, and in the mean time the screen will use less power consumption. Seems like a win-win to me.

      1. what about the battery life in the gs2?

  16. The display is fine for me, just give me an AT&T release date and we are good!

  17. I’ll take the higher res pentile screen, thanks. Everything I’ve seen without having it in hand looks great to me.

  18. Anybody who say’s they’re not buying this because it uses PenTile should be shot.

    1. No, they should just go get whatever sub-par phone they want and languish with it for 2 years.

  19. PenTile tech isn’t really an issue for me, especially at a dense 316dpi. Rather, the two deal breakers that have me waiting ~6 months for the next international Galaxy S3 are a microSD[HX]C slot, and a next-gen CPU & GPU.

    The better camera sensor and no-lag was ALMOST enough to wash out the downsides for me, though.

    (Oh, and Gorilla Glass still hasn’t been confirmed on the Nexus yet)

    1. I think by now, gorilla glass (or similar) is rather a standard on current high-end phones. I’m sure mid-range phones are using it by now.

      1. Yeah, but they aren’t curved.

  20. i just want to throw my trash sense and get this phone!

  21. This screen looks horrendous, background is not even close to being white and the pixelation is horrible.

    1. Go troll another site

    2. Troll alert. go back to mac rumers.

    3. Quit looking at your 13″ RGB monitor when trying to judge a phone that hasn’t even been released, douche.

  22. All I want is an HTC Vigor with ICS loaded up nice and sweet.

  23. My Droid 3 has a pentile display and it never bothers me.

  24. Anyone know if the Nexus One has a pentile screen? It’s what I have and was wondering if it would be the same or better. If so, I’m cool, I have no issues with the N1 screen. Thanks!

    1. nexus one has pentile

  25. Does the Motorola Droid Razr or Galaxy Note have pentile or rgb?

    1. Razr has qHD Pentile display. Dont worry, it rocks. Same display as the photon and Bionic but better pix count. Note has it as well. cant speak about that one.

    2. Tech site reviews have already stated the screen looks gorgeous despite the Razr using pentile matrix. With the GNex using a higher res it should be even less noticeable.

      I’m not sure how people are claiming that they will be able to visually see the difference in clarity on devices with DPI specs that already exceed human visual acuity.

  26. Who should care? The Android fanboys should whose dreams and boners for SPECS have been crushed by this revelation.

    Who will care? Not those same Android fanboys since they’re hypocritical losers.

    1. Troll alert. Go back to your retina display fanboy. This is Phandroid not IPhanphone.

    2. I’ll take any screen over the 3.5″ postage stamp sceen on the iPHone. Only a complete clueless fanboy would go bunkers over a such a tiny display. I don’ t care if the ppi is 4 billion. It’s still a tiny-ass screen you have to zoom into to read. So what’s the point of the higher res to begin with?

  27. I disagree with this article. Pentile reduces the effective sharpness of a display, end of story. A real matrix 720p display will be much sharper than a pentile 720p display. This is very much an issue, and people need to be aware of it. My N1’s display looks like crap when viewing small text and thin lines–they all look fuzzy–whereas it would look sharp as a magazine if it was a real matrix display.

    Quentyn, you sound like you’re more interested in protecting the reputation of something you want to love than dealing with the facts straight up.

    1. I can’t see any difference in sharpness when comparing the Nexus S and the Desire S, so this is pure bullshit.
      And the Galaxy Nexus will have an even higher pixel density, so I couldn’t care less.
      I agree with this article.

      1. Then you have vision problems. I always see the fuzziness of thin lines on my N1 display. I know many other people are also bothered by it, such as Ars Technica editor Luke Hutchison: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/2010/03/secrets-of-the-nexus-ones-screen-science-color-and-hacks.ars/

        “…the very first thing I noticed after switching on my new N1 was that the pixels looked swizzled somehow, resulting in fuzzy, dithered-looking edges at hard intensity transitions, especially when reading black-and-white text.”

        It’s not “pure bullshit”, as you say, it’s scientific fact.

        1. Do you honestly think pentile will be issue at 320 dpi screen? Let’s look at the screen first at least before ranting.

          1. It will definitely be *much less* of an issue–that’s absolutely certain. However, viewing a full website in a real 720p screen will be like viewing it on a standard laptop. Viewing that same website on a 720p pentile screen will *not* be like viewing it on a laptop, there will be loss of detail. Of course, I haven’t seen it for myself, but this is just fact.

          2. It will probably actually be better than viewing it on a 720p laptop considering the pixel density is WAY higher on the Nexus than any laptop. The resolution has nothing to do with it, it’s all about the pixel density.

          3. Adam, I’m sorry but you have the issues mixed up. A 720p screen has the *same* level of detail whether on a laptop or on a smartphone. It will *appear* sharper on a smartphone because of the higher ppi, but they still have the same level of detail. If you step further away from said laptop screen, it will have the same effect. The resolution has everything to do with it. PPI = Resolution @ a given Screen Size.

          4. Theoretically you are right. Non-pentile screen is always sharper at the same dpi. But on 720p, 320dpi Nexus screen, you will literally have to stare it at less than inch distance from your eye to barely notice it.

          5. @droidsung, yeah I really hope so. I really look forward to checking out the GNexus. I just hope small text will have the illusion of appearing smooth, given the dense ppi.

          6. @adam
            uh, actually it’s the opposite. It’s about the resolution, not the density

            more resolution = more stuff fits into the screen

          7. Yep your right, pentile is an issue as it degrades the quality. According to a recent post on flat panels hd.

            “And if you calculate the real pixel density you will find that the Galaxy Nexus is actually closer to a “real” ppi value of 200, which is slightly lower than on the Galaxy S II (that uses a Super AMOLED Plus with RGB pixel structure). Some claim that a PenTile panel needs around 420 ppi to qualify as a Retina display and that is probably also the reason why Retina is nowhere to be found on the specs sheets of neither Galaxy Note nor Galaxy Nexus.”

            Check out the article on http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1319022037

        2. I’m not a girl so I’m not bothered by stuff like this.

        3. yes yes yes you are right but we’re looking at tiny screens here all less than 5inches so does it make a difference to real world usage? no
          enough of your rant.

          You’ve actually answered this posts question.

          Y O U will care. no one else will. Don’t buy it. No one will care.

          1. The razor will have the higher resolution and the display will be better than the nexus.

    2. When the screen has a resolution of that kind, you won’t physically be able to notice it. Seriously dude, stop getting your panties in a wad and enjoy the phone.

    3. pentile or not, the Galaxy Nexus display will still be the best. Of course it would have been even better without pentile.

      1. Thank you for summarizing exactly what I’ve been trying to say! It will be a great screen, but it would have been even better without pentile.

        1. But at 4.65″ size, maybe most people couldn’t even notice any diference if it was a AMOLED “Plus” RGB instead if Pentile screen…

          My summarization is:
          Unless you try to compare it with a microscope, the gains of using a normal RGB subpixels instead of pentile matrix would be way less visible in a 4.65″ screen that on a tablet oe laptop with 10″ or bigger screen ;)
          You can put 4 screens of 4.65″ in the same area of a 10″ screen and still have space left, so it sould be hard to tell the type of subpixel matrix with naked eye…

          1. And… having in mind our eyes are more sensitive to resolution in green light, and pentile have a real green subpixel for each pixel, it should resemble a better “retina” display :P

          2. Can you expand on what you mean by our eyes being more sensitive to resolution depending on the light?

      2. You are wrong. The one on the Razor might be better.

        1. You think it won’t be pentile too?

          1. It will be pentile but with better resolution and smaller display. Why samsung did not stick with the display on the Gs2

          2. What are you talking about?
            The resolution will only be 960×540 instead of 1280×720. The Nexus S will be much better. And also better than the display of the SGS2. It’s clearly not a downgrade.

          3. So it is hd with pentile. The gs2 resolución is just 480×800 but is not pentile. Which do you feel it will be the best android display?

          4. @AnGeLFaCe77

            1280×720 pentile is by far better than 800×480 not pentile.

          5. I don’t know. I feel the gs2 display is the best in a big display. As the best of the best is the iphone :)

          6. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. It’s not about feeling. There is simply more pixels and more subpixels in the Galaxy Nexus than in the Galaxy S2.

            The iPhone was good in 2010 but now it’s starting to be outdated. Too small anyway, and now it won’t even have the best resolution.

          7. Display is a not a deal breaker for me. The droidx2 has the worse pentile display. The only thing that bothers me is when i am reading black and white.

  28. I still love my old HTC Incredible’s screen, so I am sure this one will be fine.

    1. Still rocking my day 1 HTC DI… G-Nex seems like the first worth successor to me… Dec 29th can’t get here soon enough. Christmas comes twice this year!

    2. The one in the droid x was a good display as well. A good lcd display for a 4.3 device. On the other hand the display on the droid is one of the best.

  29. The pentile display on my Samsung Vibrant never bothered me, why should an even better pentile display on the Galaxy Nexus perform any different?

  30. Waited a year for this phone and the s2 is proving to best it aside from the nfc chip. Damn you verizon for passing on the s2, they need to compare specs of the potential flagship phones they are considering so they don’t keep hyping phones that can’t even beat existing phones in spec wars (like the bionic and its comparable shit pentile display).

  31. To be perfectly honest, I don’t care if the retina display for example is slightly better on still images, it’s aspect ratio is also like 50x worse and the refresh rate is like 100x worse lol “but the image quality is 1/3rd better! ” ok so… But 50+ 100-1/3rd… But so the nexus screen is only 149 and 2/3rd better :/

  32. I can tell the difference between them. To me, the pentile screen just seems ridiculously bright/vivid and slightly uncomfortable. Almost like looking as florescent lighting. I can still make use of it and read text, just not for a long time. Amoled seems more natural in color and readability. It’s not as bright as pentile but more comfortable for my eyes.

    1. Pentile isn’t a type of screen like LCD/OLED. It’s just the arrangement of subpixels in a screen (like RGBG or RGBW, as opposed to the regular RGB used on most screens).

    2. Not to sound like a jerk, but there’s no need to comment if you have no idea what pentile actually means.

  33. I have a feeling that even God would be reduced to a mere mortal if He was reviewed on an internet forum :-P

    1. That’s the best comment I’ve ever read. I’m going to “borrow” that from you.

    2. Then you would have the other group arguing why their iGod is better.

  34. I smell a wakkoman troll

  35. i don’t care what you say
    i’m buying this one even if it had two pixels

  36. Boy, that Droid X2 pentile screen sure looks crappy, though. My original OLED Droid X looks much better, even though it has less resoluiton. From what I’ve seen, it looks like the Nexus will be fine – I’ll be picking that one up as soon as it hits Verizon.

  37. Dude chill with the battle with hd screen. Female will not even know the difference. Omg the screen is so hot! Non smart phone users will not tell the difference too. Only the nerds bro.

  38. As someone who has owned 3 phones with screens based on a Pentile Matrix (Nexus One, Nexus S, Samsung Focus), I personally find it to be a big detractor from the huge marketing blitz behind the huge HD screen. Because there are so many pixels involved, the sharpness isn’t going to be as big as an issue on say a Nexus One or Samsung Focus, but you’ll definitely notice the weird grain in solid colors and in the bizarre color banding that comes along with these kinds of displays.

    The Super AMOLED Plus displays with a normal RGB pixel array look like they’re a revolution compared to their Pentile based brothers at the same resolution. I’ll wait and judge for myself, and I can honestly say that this wouldn’t stop me from buying a Galaxy Nexus. It just puts a lot of the industry in to perspective and keeps expectations in check.

  39. If this article was posted on a pro Apple site, ppl would bash the screen, but on phandroid they don’t care. If this article was about iPhone using pentile on phandroid, the same ppl here would bash it.

    Start being fucking objective!

    1. The site’s name is Phandroid.com … what gave you the idea they were trying to be objective in the first place?

      And if you read the comments above, people on Phandroid DO care. It’s not a concern for me, but it is for some above.

  40. Well … I think I have landed in the buy the Razr off-contract … Wait for ICS around Jan/Feb … and buy S3 on contract, if I don’t like the Razr .. Seems to me that you buy the GN if you feel like you have to have ICS now (which is totally okay) … Have to admit, the specs are a let down .

    1. How? Compared to the GN its better or even with the razr
      Edit: got em backwords =P

  41. For those of you who use a magnifying glass to look at your phone, this is a huge issue, and you should not get the phone, if you dont, then you will hardly notice the difference (If at all) and you’ll be fine. Quit yer bitchin’

  42. Super AMOLED is a huge step up compared to other LCD displays on the market, not only in color and contrast, but also battery life. I am very pleased with a 720p SAMOLED. And this is from an artist with 20/10 in both eyes, not that it matters. I am buying this phone for 1. pure Google ICS and 2. the TI OMAP 4460, the display and camera are sugar on top for me personally. Slap it all together and you got one really delicious device.

    1. Delicious? Dude, you’ve got to stop licking your phone! XD

  43. Jesus this forum is so bad its not even funny.
    GREAT ARTICLES but so many loser posters.

  44. Engadget cares, but then again, who gives a f*ck about Engadget!

  45. I was crucified on Amazon for saying this, but I used a Bionic for 3 days before I had to return it due to the PenTile display. I didn’t notice it in the store, but I noticed it when I got home. I could not stop noticing the anomaly, even while watching video at 12 inches. I really wanted to love that phone… but I could not stand to look at it. My point is that for some people, the use of PenTile is not simply some spec to compare or notice only at close range, it affects real world use.

    Disclaimer: I completely understand that some people love their Bionic’s and think that the display looks super awesome.

  46. Okay… This is Samsung making a screen, and people think it’s going to be sub-par? I doubt that they’d put a pentile screen on anything if it wasn’t up to the high standards that the company has for its products.

    Maybe I’m wrong!! I haven’t seen it for myself, most of you commenters haven’t either. I’m just saying, I’ve seen a lot of the hands-on videos out there, and they all comment on how beautiful the screen is. They haven’t said, “Oh, this doesn’t look very sharp!”


  47. All you people complaining over displays where only 4 years ago having a color screen on your phone was some hot shit. I feel like only yesterday I was playing “snake” on a 100×100 pixel grey-scale screen. Screens will keep getting better and at best your now complaining about something that will only be “best” or “second best” for a year. Who gives, It’ll be a great phone till I’m up for another upgrade.

  48. I guess I was hoping that the Samsung / Google Galaxy Nexus was going to bring the best of both companies and not just Google. This phone will be great, and if you are a software enthusiast (the primary audience for the Nexus Brand), you got the phone you wanted. However, if you are also a hardware enthusiast, the S2, HTC Rezound and even, Razr, seem better than the GN.

    Now, I will wait to get the RAZR, Rezound and Galaxy Nexus in hand before I make a decision, while before the GN launch, I just knew I would be Pre-ordering as soon as it became available.

    I was looking for Samsung-Google to simply demolish the competition with GN; they didn’t.

  49. Is it verified rumors that the T-Mobile version will not have NFC as there was no mention of it in the FCC documents?

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