Another Look At Google TV 2.0 Complete With Android Market


What do we have here? It’s yet another look at Google TV 2.0! These images appeared online today giving us another glimpse at a few of the new features coming along with Android 3.1. First and foremost we have the main attractions — the Android Market. You can see a few Google TV specific apps are already available like “QVC for Google TV.”

The UI of Google TV 2.0 is definitely more streamlined and screams shades of Ice Cream Sandwich (even though the firmware is technically Android 3.1). As a Logitech Revue owner, I can’t say I remember seeing some of the features shown in these pics like being able to view all the movies currently playing on live TV (complete with time remaining). Pretty nifty.

Not sure what was up with the delay of Google TV 2.0 but I honestly cannot wait until Google releases the update. Unlike the previous version of Google TV that was in most cases, lets face it — a total flop — version 2.0 has the potential to be a real success. Apps, internet and live television? Sounds like a winning entertainment combination to me. What do you guys think?

[Zatznotfunny via GTVSource]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I have been running this for the few weeks it is nice. I haven’t found too many really useful apps though, mainly just use netflix and the chrome browser. Launcher pro is in the market though which entertained me.

  2. I believe that Google TV and chrome OS should both be built into android. When you connect your phone to ur TV, google TV should launch from ur phone, and when you connect it to a laptop dock, chrome OS should launch. If this feature was in ICS, Microsoft would be running for the hills, and cable companies would be shaking with fear.

  3. WHEN THE FUCK IS IT GETTING HERE?????????????????????

    1. “soon” lol… whatever that means

    2. No shit. Been hearing “soon” for a while now :(

    3. If you were a stonecutter, you’d have had it months ago! :D

  4. I am anxiously waiting this next big revision to Google TV. BTW, the current version of Google TV already has the What’s On feature. It is pretty awsome, though. Once I discovered it, I use it all the time now.

  5. I’ve given up waiting for it to get here, I bought a couple ROKU boxes and have disconnected my Revue’s.

    1. ??eh?? as far as i know ROKU has no web browser….so anything u stream, like tv shows need some kind of subscription…if u keep your revue you can stream FREE movies and TV shows from any number of sites that are peer-to-peer, but u look like the type that feels that downloading anything off the internet for free is a crime…..please tell me you dont pay for mp3s, thatll just make me sad…..the revue adding the MARKET and speed will make ROKU look mediocre in comparion

    2. Roku is one of the worse products out there.I bought one last year and could not stream neflix, its slow and buggy.Tech support was useless he even admitted the sluggishness of the product.

      1. I can’t speak for the newest Rokus, but I’m certainly glad I got a Revue instead of the 1st gen ones…. Those blew monkey-nuts.

    3. So you dropped a product a few days/weeks before a major upgrade for an inferior product with less features because the upgrade wasnt coming quick enough? Doesn’t sound logical to me.

    4. I have a Roku and Boxi Box and they don’t stream as well as GTV…Boxi’s Netflix is absolutely terrible. Roku does have a ton of content but much of that will cost you. Although I don’t have the new Roku box, so I can’t comment on performance with those.

  6. i disagree that 1.0 was “a total flop” Chris. My wife got it for me for x-mas last year and i honestly use it every single day. More specifically for web browsing, but the lack of TV streaming from “official” channels has never got me down because there are tons of sites streaming TV and movies that dont go through official channels(no pun lol) Also Netflix and Youtube, and some of the SPOTLIGHT channels are cool and more and more have been getting added over the course of the year. So if 2.0 gives me the market, and more functionality than itll be like buying a brand new device…also if 2.0 lives up to its speed rumor itll be a blessing…if there is one negative, the only negative to the revue is its turtle speed, and the almost guarantee that at some point during heavy net browsing that it will lock up…..but it is nice to hit “ctrl-alt-del” and have it work…


    1. I agree.The spotlight channels are a lot now.Apart from TV and netflix I spend most of my time in the spotlight area.

    2. From a sales perspective…GTV was a flop. I have the Sony Blu-Ray and paid the $399 price tag on the first day it came out. The price tag scared too many people away from it.

  7. +500 checking for updates on my logitech revue

  8. @Chris Chavez…really? its one of the most useful features of the current version. yeah it doesn’t look that great but you go to home>whats on> and from there you can select movies or comedy or animation (thats how i know when batman beyond is on)

  9. I’m patiently waiting… It needs to drop ASAP. Also I’m willing to buy updated hardware and move my current Logitech Revue to the bedroom. Hurry the fuck up.

  10. 90% of my use on GTV is the browser…it’s so nice to have internet on your TV despite what the late Steve Jobs said…I love it. My home PC is just collecting dust now. I really do hope that the new GTV cleans up the internet experience a bit…the plugin crashes are annoying as well as the often lags in web page loading. Other than that it’s soooo much better than it was one day 1. It will be nice to be able to play games like chess, word games, etc on the TV. Very excited for this update and I hope this will turn GTV from a sales flop to must have.

    1. I typically use my browser to get to websites that stream video… Works like a charm to feed my Anime addiction!

  11. any1 else notice “the hot chick” is not labeled under the comedy section? even google doesn’t think rob schneider’s funny haha

  12. The feature that tells you what movie is playing and the remaining time has been there. It is Home>What’s on>Movies or any other category you prefer

  13. Can’t wait to finally get the update. Only had my Revue for a month but love the functionality already, this update will just be a HUGE added bonus. Needs more support for streaming vids from pc though

  14. If you want to see what Google TV really looks like,check this out.


  15. The Revue at $100 bucks is a kick-ass settop device.I would note that shockwave flash still sucks and streaming providers really need to get their HTML5 video on. I’m a happy owner of 3 roku boxes and 3 googletv setups, I use them for different viewing choices. As for the update it seems that Google needs to prioritize this product and not treat it like a Wave or any of the other half dozen services they’ve recently dropped due to their own disinterest.It would be truly kewl if they figured out how to support an add-on DVR via SATA or USB external drive on the thing to make it a true HTPC replacement. As for viewing cable via the internet it seems all the carriers/studios are going to check if you’re a subscriber first, so I’d repurpose the GTV for watching true internet based videos, or maybe Google could modify its bid for Hulu and get the whole cable programming thing straightened out. Frankly I’m really waiting on the Slingbox app for GTV which will let me pull a pc off my video setup
    As for HuluPlus- I’ve furloughed my subscription until they figure out the whole Android ennui.(why do they care how I watch my subscription programming?)

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