All New Gmail Featured On Google’s YouTube Channel – Video Promptly Pulled


Although this isn’t directly Android related, I think it would be safe to assume we’re all Gmail users. Well, a video introducing the all new Gmail “user experience” appeared on Google’s YouTube channel yesterday. Apparently, Google wasn’t quite ready to unveil the all new Gmail to the world and promptly pulled the video. Thankfully, it wasn’t before a quick ‘Tuber could mirror the video onto their own channel for the world to gawk over.

The new Gmail UI was introduced a few weeks back in the Preview theme and follows the design we’ve seen from Google services like Google+ and Google Calendar. As far as features go, Gmail will have an all new action bar (similar to what we’ve seen in Ice Cream Sandwich) featuring icons instead of text for options like reply, delete and tags. The conversation interface has seen a revamp as well, displaying profile pictures beside contacts, making it easier to read and identify who is saying what in your conversation.

Google also showed off an all new search box with advanced options as well as a layout that readjusts when resizing the window. Like the Preview theme, the new Gmail will feature various display densities and an option for resizing the chat and labels in the sidebar. Lastly, cane all new “high-definition” themes for Gmail.

All in all, I’d say Google did a bang up job on the new Gmail. Who knew Gmail could be so vastly improved, oh that’s right — Google did. The new Gmail is expected to rollout in the coming weeks but in the meantime, you can check out the pulled YouTube video below.

[Via ChromeSpot]

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  1. I really like how it looks. I was already diggin the preview theme. Adjusting the message density is an awesome feature.

    1. I know! They thought of improvements I didn’t even knew needed… improving o_O

    2. I’m glad we can adjust the message density. I found the preview theme had way too much space between messages!

  2. Very nice…but for those of us using Google Apps…be prepared to keep using the Preview Theme for most likely several more months. Google “NEVER” rolls out things like this to Google Apps users at the same time as regular Gmail users, so I’ll be surprised if this is any different.

    1. Bummer I do hope you are wrong!
      I just signed up for Google apps recently.

  3. While you are eagerly awaiting the new Gmail they have added a theme called “Preview” which give you the stylistic changes straight away :D

  4. All New Gmail *Featured* On Google’s YouTube Channel – Video Promptly Pulled.

  5. Very sweet stuff – the best just got better! :D

  6. That is SOOO COOL!
    I have moved away from Outlook almost completely.
    So glad I have.
    One of the things that I realized right away was how much time was wasted working within Outlook compared to working within Gmail.
    2 or 3 years ago who would have imagined that web email would have evolved like this.
    I think Microsoft helped create this backlash with their overpriced office suite.
    I do like Office but not the price.

  7. When’s this mofo coming out?

  8. Google have pulled the video again

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