Verizon Galaxy Nexus (SCH-i515) Image Found On Samsung’s Registration Site


After doing some snooping around Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus signup page, one of our readers found this image of the device with an interesting URL. Once again, we have the Samsung SCH-i515 showing its face, this time linked directly to the Galaxy Nexus image and Verizon, all in the same Samsung URL. Sounds pretty official, right?

There have been some rumors floating around (even after all the leaks and hints) that the Galaxy Nexus (Droid Prime?) may not actually arrive on Verizon. Even if the device doesn’t launch exclusively for the #1 carrier in the US, this is at least a clear indication that the Verizon version of the device was always part of Samsung’s plan. Just a matter of time before Verizon makes the Galaxy Nexus official.

Thanks, Sodiq!

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Motorola DROID RAZR Processor Revealed by MotoDev Site

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of things I liked, and quite a few that I didn’t, but I don’t judge a device on it’s spec sheet, or videos until I’ve held one in my hands and played with it for awhile.
    I am still trying to find a concrete answer as to how this will receive updates. Obviously, I know that the previous Nexus iterations received their updates from Google themselves (I had an N1 myself for awhile), but I’m still not sure since Google decided to use the “Galaxy” (still hate it) in the name for brand-recognition, is this a sign of more Samsung involvement in the newest Nexus, or just a marketing ploy to get the Nexus name to the general public? I haven’t found a reliable site that had any solid information on this that I missed, I’d like to see it.

    1. I think is more like $ milking thing like the Droid Razr with a Locked bootloader requested by Verizon.

      1. Too bad all moto phones are locked no matter the carrier so quit acting like Verizon is the only one getting locked down phones and asking for it to be locked down when none of the other Verizon phones are locked down the way moto does it.

        1. Verizon does request the added security though. They have always been against open development.

          1. Then why is it only moto does it though? Clearly if Verizon is asking for added security all the manufacturers would follow it or Verizon would not sell their product. Just saying it isn’t all Verizon since it is not isolated to just Verizon moto phones.

          2. I’m not combating your previous statement. Just saying that VZW does request the additional security. AFWIW, all phones come locked. If it weren’t for the awesome dev’s, power users would have nothing.

        2. I used to agree and still do for the most part. But Moto announced the non U.S., non DROID, Motorola RAZR (read EUROPE) will be unlocked. This is confusing as they never wanted the Milestone unlocked….

          1. It’s not unlocked it has an unlockable boot loader which still doesn’t mean it will ever be unlocked. Also we don’t know of the razr is the same just know it is locked from day 1.

        3. Moto gave Verizon the option of unlocking the Razr, and Verizon chose not to.

    2. It is a pure Google phone. It will get updates directly from Google and not the manufacturer. This is a Nexus phone.

  2. So again my question is why did VZW pass up the Galaxy SII? If the Nexus isn’t an exclusive then why were we told that the reason VZW passed up the Galaxy was bc of something FAR better and I was almost positive I read that it would be an exclusive device. And Imho the Nexus Spec wide isn’t FAR better than the SII. I mean the processor is exactly the same speed exactly the same amount of ram.The camera has lower megapixels which I know megapixels doesn’t always mean better, but someone who doesn’t know that may pass up on the device bc all they see if this only has 5MP. The only really plus I think the Nexus has is just that.It’s a Nexus device and it’s pure Vanilla. If you’re with VZW of course you have LTE Network. But again I’m curious if anyone knows why VZW passed up on having one of the best mobile phones ever created in their lineup and why they wouldn’t want people to have more than just 2 dual core 4g devices right now? Especially if the Nexus isn’t going to be an exclusive to their network. I mean people could’ve had the SII & the Nexus to choose from on the fastest 4g network. Like ever other carrier now will have both choices.

    1. LTE, NFC, 720P display, barometer for faster GPS locks… Yeah, hardware is basically the same.

      Anyone who looks at the camera app between the two phones shouldn’t have too much trouble noticing some differences. Image stabilization, auto focus/facial recognition, pictures while recording video, time lapse, almost zero shutter lag…. That should help the 5mp to 8mp argument.

      1. “Imho the Nexus Spec wide isn’t FAR better than the SII”

        It’s a 720×1280 screen vs. a 480×800 screen. C’mon bro.

        1. But it’s still RBG vs Pentile. Galaxy Nexus uses Super Amoled in 720p, not Plus.

        2. I don’t remember mentioning any screen resolution in my post…. Because I want sure what they were… The point of my post was that I wanted to know why VZW would pass up on a universally critically heralded device so the VZW customers could choose if they wanted the Nexus or the Galaxy. Especially since the other carriers are also getting the Nexus. It seems like VZW should’ve a least went with both since the Nexus is no longer an exclusive. Like what NYCHitman said options are a good thing.

    2. I think you’re asking the wrong question. Ask yourself, rather, why would Google make the Galaxy Nexus exclusive to only one carrier?

    3. What’s the problem with having options? That’s a good thing for us consumers.

      1. Apparently you missed the point I was saying… VZW shouldn’t have passed on the Galaxy SII so is VZW customers could have the option of choosing the Nexus our the Galaxy like the other carriers will have.but we don’t get that option.

  3. It is likely that they will offer it with Verizon, On Contract. Other carriers w/o contract (Full Price)

  4. I think the Galaxy S 2 LTE may be in the cards later this year or early next year. That would be better right?

    1. Better is subjective. It’s going to come down to your needs and wants. You can make a decision from there.

      For some people, lack of an SD card slot is a deal breaker.

  5. You know what the best thing is about this image? No Verizon logo on the front of the phone!!!!

    1. why should that matter?

  6. I doubt this will be branded a “Droid”.. I firmly believe the RAZR is the final entry to the Droid line-up this year and is geared towards the Holiday shopping peeps.

  7. Verizon :-(

  8. The whole SD card thing can be easily combated by changing the way you do things.

    1. Have your photos stored on your dropbox account instead of having 1,000 of them on your phone all the time.

    2. Use google music to store most of your songs and only have a few gigs always on your phone.

    3. Only keep one backup at a time

    4. Delete unnecessary shit.

    Just some options you have at your disposal.

  9. I have the iphone 4s, or what ever they call it (over-rated!)….Its going to be returned tomorrow 4sure… I want this Samsung Nexus prime…..but also the Droid Bionic…
    Do I just buy the Bionic or wait for the Prime? Not a real top-notcher on cell-phones, but the more I read on the prime the more I want. But it keeps looking like there dragging the date out farther. Nov. 15th? maybe? I am on Verizon network.
    Can anyone give me some tips?

  10. these rumor posting are getting old fast

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