Android Overload: Mobicity Offering Galaxy Nexus For $830, Moto RAZR Launching In UK Nov 1st and More


Still suffering from what feels like an Ice Cream Sandwich brain freeze (or hang over), we tried our best to get out as many stories as possible throughout our day. In effort to keep you, our readers, always informed, we’ve grouped all the stories that somehow managed to slip through the cracks here, in the Android Overload. So pull up a seat and dig right in. Found a story of particular interest? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Goodnight everyone!

  • ARM’s new A7 processors to work in conjunction with more powerful A15’s. Due in 2013. [TechCrunch]
  • Mobicity offering up the Galaxy Nexus for $830 in Australia. [Mobicity]
  • Kernel source for Mytouch 4G Slide is released. [HTCDev]
  • T-Mobile G2 gets a quick maintenance upgrade. [CPS]
  • The Motorola RAZR is launching in the UK November 1st. [EuroDroid]
  • Archos G9 tablets have gotten maintenance updates.
  • Huawei Mediapad passes through the FCC for T-Mobile.
  • An update to Android 2.3.4 is available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. [XperiaBlog]
  • Bluegrass Cellular has picked up the Samsung Admire.


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  1. I’m curious… on mobicity it is listing the galaxy nexus as having the same GPU as the iPad2(and iPhone4S if that is true) and will make this quite a bit better phone.

    1. The TI omap 4460 has a POWERVR SGX540 GPU (Galaxy Nexus)
      The A5 has a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, so they seem to be slightly different.

      They do have the same ARM cortex A9 however.

      So it seems that the Galaxy Nexus actually use an older GPU (circa 2007) than what was speculated in the Exynos and what is in the A5. I guess we will have to wait and se more detailed test speeds.

      1. Not slightly but quite a big difference. 4460 has an overclocked version of Nexus S graphics chip. 4470 which has SGX544 would have been a better chip unfortunately it isn’t available just yet.

  2. $830? HAHAHAHAHA…no.

  3. The 4s is higher as usually. Lol.

  4. 830usd….if this is the 32Gb is good price..like 600euros…considering that in Europe the factory unlocked iphone 32gb cost around 990 euros like 1360usd , its good price

    1. 830 AUD*

  5. Mobicity always put up preorders early at highly inflated prices… I remember the 16GB iPhone 4 was up at $1500 ish before its release when it suddenly dropped

  6. Correction: The Huawei Mediapad FCC listing is for a wi-fi only model. It does not show any cellular frequencies at all.

  7. Kogan.com.au is offering it for $799

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