Oct 20th, 2011

It might be true that certain elements of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus were designed to avoid potential legal issues down the road, but Executive Vice President of Product Strategy Won-Pyo Hong says he has no idea where people got the idea that the new joint-venture between Google and Samsung was designed specifically to avoid Apple’s patents. It was reported that Samsung President Shin Jong-kyun had stated in an interview that an effort had been made to avoid infringing on Apple’s intellectual property, but his words were either lost in translation or never uttered at all, as Hong claims them to be mere rumor.

Hong points out that development on the Galaxy Nexus began well before Apple filed any legal claims against Samsung, and given the long development time of most smartphone we’ll believe him. What most likely happened was a misconstruing of word spoken by Mr. Shin Jong-kyun. He most likely was simply pointing out that Samsung does and always has made an effort to mind the patents of its competitors, knowing that someday such things could come back to pinch the company in the rear.

[via Engadget]

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