AT&T Android Sales Double Up on Last Year’s Numbers


Most will focus on the astonishing iPhone figures reported in today’s Q3 earnings report from AT&T, but that isn’t the only part of the carrier’s smartphone business that is doing well. Though the iPhone still makes up for the majority share of smartphone sales — to the tune of 2.7 million, — Android devices and other “non-iPhone” handsets now account for nearly half of the 4.8 smartphones AT&T sold in the third quarter. Android device sales are up twofold since the same period in 2010.

The growth is notable considering AT&T’s slow start with Android. Initially devices were lacking, both in the number available and their quality. An expanded lineup and a change of hear on sideloading apps later, AT&T not hosts a selection of quality handsets, from entry-level to high-end superphones. The real challenge for Android is AT&T’s strong association with the iPhone, something that won’t let up any time soon.

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  1. They only sold 4.8 phones? They must be doing real well. I would hate to be the guy who got .8

    1. In the third quarter.If they don’t get the galaxy nexus i will be moving on after 10 years with them

  2. Isn’t it about time Comscore should be posting there quarterly stats on mobile landscape….wondering if the android #’s have leveled off yet…?
    I would have thought Rubin would have taken the opportunity to do some boasting to that iPhone loving clown at AsiaD
    Not sure if my recall is accurate, but I think he last said there were approx 600k activations a day a few months back…?

  3. Who edits these articles on phandroid? So many mistakes recently. At least run spell check before posting the article. Also what ever happened to reading your own work before submitting it?

  4. That .8 is a iPhone.

  5. A change of hear?

    Now see hear. Let me fix that for you.

    > An expanded lineup and a change of here on sideloading apps later . . .

    That’s better.

    Isn’t it? No, wait.

    1. Heart :rollseyes:

  6. Where ever you are htc lead and holiday we hardly knew you.

  7. That was really paifull to read with all the mistakes. A sixth grader could do a better job.

  8. Yeah, thats because they finally got pooped out of Steve Jobs ayss. Before the iphone went to “all” other carriers, att cared less about android and anything else that would hurt “jobs revenue”

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