Nexus S Getting Ice Cream Sandwich, OS “Theoretically” Should Work on Any Android 2.3-Capable Device


Matias Duarte has confirmed that the Nexus S will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. He didn’t say which one – different carriers have different rollout processes – but we can’t imagine most regions and carriers won’t get it. He also said that any Android 2.3 device should theoretically be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich, but don’t take that as confirmation that an update for your phone is coming unless you’re on a Nexus S or soon to be Galaxy Nexus – even the Nexus One is up in the air at this point.

Quentyn Kennemer
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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – All New Core Applications Overview

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  1. Did anyone ask when it’ll be rolled out to tablets?

    1. Don’t put up your hope so high

  2. CynogenMod (and others) to the rescue! Since our hardware vendors typically aren’t up to the task.

    1. If the sources will be released….

  3. I’ll be getting the Galaxy Nexus, for sure. What I want to know is, when can I get ICS on my XOOM?

  4. Can we get it on the EVO now please?!?

  5. When!?!?!? That’s all we want to know!!!

  6. I’m sure the devs will help. Luckily I have a Nexus S 4G and I hope a port of the IC OS comes to my Epic Touch 4G. I also hope, Cyan doesn’t add tweaks. They should leave it how it is and work on a raw pure port. I always thought Cyan’s color scheme was horrible lol. Everything the same color smh.. They are awesome besides that, even though I haven’t used them since HTC Hero days.

    I’ll get the Galaxy Nexus as well.

  7. I’ll just wait for it to come out on my SGS2.

  8. If it is not a nexus device, expect to hack or wait. Wish a company would try making vanilla an option during setup. Those who chose vanilla, could get their updates sooner and those who prefer the customizations will wait.

  9. Yea, who cares when or if the carriers get around to it. One of the reasons I use Android is that it allows me the freedom to make that choice myself with 3rd party roms such as cyanogen

  10. I’ll give it 2 months to get a Cyanogen mod beta. 1 year to infinity for Verizon to come out with an OTA for my Incredible :-P

    1. I’m right there with you. But, I am looking forward to getting the Nexus and turning my Incredible into a Samsung Media Player/iPod touch. It will be nice to have the incredbile to go nuts with because if it starts screwing up, oh well, it won’t be my primary device. I’ve been easy on it so far knowing I need it every day.

  11. When is it gonna be up for download for att? Can i put it on my galaxy s2? SHould i return my galaxy and wait for the nexus prime to come out for att?

  12. People ! You all will get ICS on Your “machines”. When?
    This is typical answer from any company,that is somehow involved with this kind of process.
    Well,.do not ask this stupid question anymore

    1. With “soon” having all the certainty of a consultation with a Magic 8 Ball.

  13. I’m not worried I know mu g2x can handle ics

    1. Shame it wont be getting it officially

      1. Shame you support a platform that consistently does this to its users. Oh well, it isn’t my money being wasted.

  14. s2 ?

  15. Perhaps the best way forward from here is that Google should issue a directive that each manufacturer should release a vanilla version of ICS for their handsets (at least those already running Gingerbread). In addition to which they are free to release an option pack that contains any UI enhancements/widgets or apps that they wish.
    This should offer the best of both worlds as it means that standard ICS is available faster and people can still ‘elect’ to install the extras to give their phones Sense or TouchWiz if they’re fond of those enhancements.

    1. exactly what i was thinking like if you have a samsung device you should have a special samsung portal in the market or something that would allow to install touchwiz or some of their apps.

  16. And this is why I’m a proud Nexus S owner. :)

  17. Wait, wasn’t there a thing? You know, a thing earlier this year about Google partnering with manufacturers to ensure timely updates for 18 months?

    But seriously, I boldly predict this will be no better than previous upgrades: Nexus S users will wait incredibly impatiently (many become stupid and abusive) for up to three months, as Google says “rolling out over the next few weeks” every few weeks. Then we’ll realize that we’re the lucky ones, as others wait months longer for their updates, and many are learn that their modern devices won’t get ICS at all.

    Note that the 18-month window represents Google’s view of how things should work, so I’m willing to bet that the Nexus One won’t get it.

  18. Best News I’ve Heard Yet!!

  19. “Theoretically”
    What a great word to label the sandwich…


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