Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon To Three UK


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was just announced a short time ago and although it wasn’t specifically mentioned during the event which carriers the device would be coming to, it was clear Samsung and Google have pure, global domination on their mind. That being said, the UK carrier Three has just announced via press release that they will be stocking the “Pure Google” smartphone and the device will be compatible with their upcoming HSPA+ network coming by year’s end. No specific launch date or pricing was given but we’ll keep you posted.

[Via ThreeUK]

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  1. on the spec sheet you posted earlier nearly every GSM band i’m aware of was on there, i’m PRAYING this comes to tmobile, otherwise i might be saying bye bye to a 10yr relationship w/ them. this phone is a must.

    1. Im in exactly the same boat! 10 years could be down the drain for me and Tmo….must have this device!

    2. i looked over the sheet again and saw that it says 21. does this mean that the phone can’t take advantage of HSPA+ 42?

      1. No, but it does mean that it will work in places like Korea.

  2. Going from my OG droid to ths will be like going from fast food to a 5 star diner

    1. I think it’s actually an even larger jump than that.

  3. I really like this part of the post. “it was clear Samsung and Google have pure, global domination on their mind.”

    1. Not to mention, complete… global… saturation.

  4. Looks like i’ll be going back to Three then!

  5. Looks like O2 and Vodafone also are getting this http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/vodafone-confirms-samsung-galaxy-nexus-deal-1034867

    And that’s just perfect as Im a happy VF customer and my contract ends in November :)

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