Motorola Website Counting Down to Droid RAZR Announcement


Call it poor timing on Motorola’s part — or perhaps misfortune — but what looks to be their biggest holiday product unveiling has been overshadowed by a rescheduled Google/Samsung event. That event, which takes place on a different calendar day as Moto’s but falls within the same 24 hour thanks when taking time zones into account, promises to be the debut of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but Motorola has something up their sleeve as well. Tomorrow (Oct. 19th) morning we should be treated to the Motorola Droid RAZR and possibly a new XOOM tablet or two, and in case you have lost track of when the announcement will take place you can find a handy countdown timer on the Moto website. Just a little over 30 hours left as of the publishing of this article.

[via Engadget]

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  1. am I crazy, or isn’t tomorrow the 18th??

    1. you are correct. The event is on the 18 the google event is on the 19

      1. The google event is 10pm EST (7pm PST) October 18. The google event is happening in Hong Kong, at 10am local time on Oct 19.

    2. Tomorrow night is early day on the 19th in Hong Kong. The article mentions the time zone differences.

      1. The event for Motorola, which this one is referencing, says that the event will start in 29 hours, which puts it at 2 PM EST October 18th. That’s 2 AM October 19th, but that’s not quite how the article reads….it says taking time zones into consideration early in the article, but makes no reference to which time zone he’s mentioning when saying “tomorrow”, let alone the fact that when he wrote the article, it was still very late on the 17th, so even officially, the way it’s written is wrong, because “tomorrow” is still the 18th, even if he’s in Hong Kong……Sorry, it was just confusing to me, considering the time zones at time of article didn’t match up.

  2. your friend’s step aunt is a whore

  3. I wouldn’t say unfortunate. I say this is great news. This gives the android adopters more options. What would be unfortunate is if they launch something as crappy as the Cryonic again. If it is as crappy a launch as Cryionic and iPhone 4S, then this is an executive issue and lack of management. Anyone that releases a product that is subpar to the competition for the same market segment is an idiot.

  4. Will the Razr launch with Ice Cream???

    1. Nobody but Google launches with a new update right when it comes out. Give it at least 3 months before we see phones come with ICS installed. Also that doesn’t mean that this version 2.3 phone will be getting ICS any time soon.

  5. I doubt I’d buy a motorola phone, but I’m still interested in the Razr.

  6. So when are we going to start getting countdowns to countdowns to press releases preannouncing the eventual revealing of a soon-to-be-announced press conference for a release date for a phone?

  7. Its today oct 18 not 19 right? 8 hrs more of waiting lol

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