Motorola Lapdock 100 Coming to Sprint October 21


Motorola hasn’t quite give up on the Lapdock technology first introduced with the Motorola Atrix. Admitting that the high price of the peripheral was a major setback for adoption, the company vowed to produce a lower-cost alternative to the original laptop dock. While the pricing on the Lapdock 100 isn’t clear at this point, we are now learning that Sprint will start selling the accessory come October 21st, only a few days after its October 17th AT&T release. Sprint is encouraging employees to complete training on the Lapdock 100 by offering a $10 reward.

[via Engadget]

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  1. price, price! PRICE!!!!!

  2. The price on Sprint (which is live by the way) is $249.99 On Amazon i believe its cheaper but with a 3-6 week wait. if you are a Sprint Premier customer, you can use the 25% off discount, but you have to do it at the store. the discount is not available online.

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