“Nexus Prime” Also Appears in Best Buy’s Computer System


The SCH-I515 — aka the Samsung Galaxy Nexus — has appeared among the listings in Best Buy’s Cellebrite system. As you can see in the above image, the phone is listed under the Nexus Prime name, continuing to add confusion as to what the final product will be called. Good thing we only have less than a week to wait for that little issue to be cleared up. Oh, and we will learn all about the new handset, its specs, and the Ice Cream Sandwich Android update it runs.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I’m still thinking there is 2 phones.

    1. Agreed. Galaxy Nexus = Verizon “exclusive”. Nexus Prime = actual multi-carrier Google Nexus device. I really can’t wait.

      And now that the announcement is being made at night, I can actually be productive at work on Tuesday during the day! Win-Win.

      1. Or at least as productive as you’re being right now. I kid, I kid.

        1. But seriously…

      2. This Story refers to the SCH-i515 which is Samsung’s numbering system for Verizon phones. The Best Buy system is calling Verizon’s Nexus the Nexus Prime. This is not the GSM GT I9250….

        1. Makes sense, since we’ll probably see the VZW one first. I think BB got the name wrong, though.

  2. If they dont make an announcement tuesday for the phone, im ditching my Droid X and going back to a Nokia 8210 http://www.cellular.co.za/phones/nokia/2001/nokia_3330.jpg

    1. ps- sarcasm and making fun of all who claim to get iphone due to ‘delay’

    2. i used to have that phone too, always worked and never had any problems. what the hell happened to nokia by the way.

      1. Microsoft happened.

    3. That HAD to have been single-core. How much RAM?

        1. – Over-the-air activation for sending/receiving phone numbers
          – Dynamic font size

          That thing was a beyond its time! Thanfully WAAAAAY behind our time lol

        2. HAHAHA there is actually user reviews from this year.

        3. Talk time 2 h – 3 h 20 min

          Ugh, and I thought smartphone talk times were bad… ouch.

    4. Don’t do it you have so much to live for don’t you flop back to dumbphone technology don’t you do it I say! think about everyone who cares about you… well actually scratch that think about what you are doing man!

    5. I’m with you there!! Ditching my Nexus 1 and getting the 8210 as my phone and Palm Vx as my organizer. Screw the iphone 4S and the Nexus Optimus Prime.

    6. I bought that phone for $80 on Cingular with a 2 year contract and after 2 years I sold it for $80 on Ebay. Well worth the money.

  3. It would appear that the Verizon Nexus is going to be named the Galaxy Nexus while the name on other carries is going to be the Nexus Prime.

    It could be some kind of marketing deal or, and this is just based on my wildest speculation, the Galaxy Nexus could have a Exynos processor (hence the Galaxy nomenclature) while the Nexus Prime could run on a TI processor (hence the lack of the obvious Samsung branding). It answers the question as to why we’ve seen two competing spec sheets . I would still expect both to run on stock Android, the Nexus name has always been reserved only for devices that do.

    1. This is exactly what I’ve been saying.

    2. The confusing thing is Verizon uses the SCH to note samsung devices on their network. and in the best buy system its says nexus prime so who to believe? best buy database or a verizon database? The samsung branding isn’t only on devices that run their processors its because they made it, but its going to have google in the name the last nexus wasn’t samsung branded it was google branded.

      1. I agree with most of what you’re saying. But your last sentence is not exactly correct. The Nexus S was branded for both Google & Samsung. It was not the Nexus 2 but rather the S and that S is for Samsung.

        1. Wrong. The S is for Galaxy S, because that is essentially what the nexus s is: a vanilla galaxy s

    3. Nexus phones don’t only run the Exynos procs, just look at the T-Mobile Galaxy S2. It could go either way.. I just hope Verizons phone is a Nexus device so we keep getting updates from Google. That alone is the reason I want it, the hardware is just a big plus =D.

  4. Why Google / Samsung let carriers dilute their product recognition by giving things several names is beyond me.

    THE iPHONE is iconic because you either have it, or you don’t. There is no grey area, or versions of it with pre-loaded bollocks, or versions with varying radios.

    Can’t wait for this phone, but Google’s marketing strategy is whack.

    1. False on the “iPhone has no versions with various radios” how do you think it runs on verizon and now sprint? the are different radios. one thing that is consistent is the name but as far as only one device goes thats where they fail.

      1. I think you missed his point….

        ‘oh you have an iPhone?’ it is irrelevant if it is on AT&T, VZW, Sprint, whatever. Accessories are the same (which is a HUGE plus), and that is how it reaches iconic status.

        I really hoped Samsung released 4 identical phones for the Galaxy S II…. they lost a lot of thunder because each one is different for each carrier (and VZW didn’t even get one)

        1. Where as in the Android universe you can say “oh you have an Android phone ?”.. it means more than saying for example a “windows phone”.. If your looking for something to denote “wealth” as for some unknown reason people are under the impression that Apples are for rich people and Androids are for those who can’t afford an Apple.. well don’t think that will happen.. the myth continues sadly.

  5. I refuse to believe anything anymore until:

    1) Oct 18th


    2) I have the phone (Tmobile) in my hand

  6. Awesome, hopefully this means I will be able to pick this up on AT&T pretty soon!

  7. Nexus prime = Verizon exclusive with tiomap..

    Galaxy nexus = global/gsm version with exynos..

    My speculation..

    1. I think you’ve got that backward.

    2. Galaxy Nexus is the name in Verizon’s celebrite listing

      1. Well from what I see on the image above, it clearly says nexus prime… The one for Verizon i a galaxy nexus but will be named nexus prime.. A galaxy nexus variant.. Just my guess.. Or maybe not a variant, but completely a different phone..

      2. The Thunderbolt was listed in Celebrite as the Droid Thunderbolt 4G by HTC. So, it could change. I’m hoping for Nexus Prime, or Galaxy Prime. Galaxy Nexus does not roll.

  8. I am still hoping for an HTC Vigor with ICS…

    1. you and me both

      Stock android is Fugly

      1. You havent even seen ics bro

        1. yeah i have a galaxy tab its basically honeycomb for phones

          nothing new

  9. How do compete against iPhone with a phone that has multiple names

    Stupid marketing strategy from Google

    1. Marketing strategy? There was also insecurity about iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, and remember that Google haven’t announced it yet so we aren’t even supposed to know.

  10. Just a question doesn’t bb sell all carrier plans so its showing up in there system just like it would for say Costco or somewhere else? The Nexus Prime could also just be inputted incorrectly . No?

  11. Unless Google bought the name or the license to use the name Nexus Prime from Hasbro, I think the name of this phone for everyone will be the Galaxy Prime.

  12. I really hope, that the phone I will be using, will be called Nexus Prime….it sounds SOOOOOOO much cooler than Galaxy Nexus

    Anyway, release official specs and release date already for the GSM version!!!!

  13. Blah

  14. Let me know when it comes to at&t so I can travel across the nation to enjoy one of their true LTE locations.

  15. These clowns at Samsung need to hire someone else to pick better names for them. i-phone, two syllables. Black-ber-ry, 3 syllables. Sam-sung-Gal-Lax-y-Nex-us, 7 syllables? I own one, but For some reason “Sam-sung-Gal-Lax-Y-Tab-Ten-Point-One” doesn’t roll of the tongue or sound as iconic as “i-pad”

    1. There are several issues with your post. If you are going to use the manufacturer’s name on one, you must them all. Following this, it would be Apple iphone 3GS, Apple iphone 4, Apple iphone 4S. That’s 5-7 syllables. RIM Blackberry, then you left out the model name. So, it would be RIM Blackberry Curve, Bold, etc, followed by the model number. So, the RIM Blackberry Torch 9800 is 10 syllables. In simple terms, they are called iphone 3GS, iphone 4, iphone 4S, Blackberry Torch, and the Galaxy Nexus. They are all 3-5 syllables. I would prefer the Nexus Prime name though…not because of one less syllable…it just sounds better.

  16. Galaxy Nexus – Verizon || Nexus Prime – Sprint ….. I hope sooo

    1. As of right now Sprint isnt getting one, bro

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