Oct 14th, 2011

While Google Voice users can send and receive calls, access visual voicemail with transcriptions, and fire off text messages, MMS messages have remain out of the realm of possibilities. That may be changing, as Google appears to be working in support for picture messaging. Users are reporting to have been notified of incoming MMS messages sent to their Google Voice number via a standard SMS, with the attached picture then forwarded to their email address. It isn’t a complete, streamlined system, but it shows that there is hope for multimedia messages within Google Voice.

At the moment, the functionality has only been noticed by users on Sprint, Virgin Mobile, and T-Mobile, but GV’s pseudo MMS is slowly rolling out to more and more places. You can check for yourself by enabling “SMS forwarding” as an option in Google Voice’s settings and having someone send you an MMS.

Update: The Google Voice Blog has officially announced the rollout of these new MMS features. While we mentioned above reports from users on various carriers receiving MMS messages, the blog post only mentions Sprint support for the time being. It is also mentioned that the Google Voice team is working on displaying MMS messages directly within the Google Voice app.

[via LifeHacker]